Don't Travel To China To See Glass Bridge, Your State Bihar Has It's All!
Glass Bridge Of Bihar

Don’t Travel To China To See Glass Bridge, Your State Bihar Has It’s All!

Glass Bridge Of Bihar

Don’t we love it when Our Bihar stands outstanding! We all wanted to visit the glass bridge of China but don’t you worry Bihar has brought it for you in our very state at Rajgir. Yes! The Glass Bridge of Bihar is your next tourist destination.

After Rishikesh’s proposed bridge at Lakshman Jhula, the subsequent glass bridge of the nation is practically prepared in Bihar’s Nalanda, in an offer to pull in both nearby and worldwide travelers. Alongside this, the best in class ropeway and a zoo safari is additionally being developed which will be opened to the overall population very soon. The zoo safari, bragging an assortment of verdure has just been perceived by the Central Zoo Authority. So twofold treat for vacationers!

Air Cycling with the help of ropes, Bihar Darshan, and Cafeteria would be another attraction of the Safari. The visitors can stay in cottages built for them. These stays-ins are built are safe as well as comfortable.

Glass Bridge of Bihar

Outstandingly, this glass bridge of Bihar has been based on the lines of the 120-meter high glass bridge in the Hangzhou area of China.

The Glass Sky-walk Bridge has been developed close to the primary passage of the safari and is totally worked of glass and steel.

The all-out length of this sky-walk is 85 feet and the width is around 6 feet. Its tallness is around 250 feet from the valley and a sum of 40 guests can stroll on it in one go.

Built at the lower regions of Rajgir’s Vaibhar Giri mountain, three 15 mm glass mirrors have been introduced on this scaffold. The all-out glass thickness is 45mm, which is totally straightforward, because of which it will be very exciting to stroll on it.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during his new visit to Rajgir taught the authorities to guarantee the activity of the new ropeway in January 2021.

Planning for vacation for the coming holidays? Don’t miss out on this beauty.


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