Danapur Railway Station

DNR, Another Station In The List To Get A Makeover

Danapur Railway StationDanapur Railway station is one of the oldest stations of the railways. It was opened in 1925 about 95 years ago. It is also connected to the metropolitan cities of India through the Mughalsarai Patna route. It was electrified in March 2000.

The Danapur station is going to get its makeover wholly by 2021-22 at an expenditure of more than Rs.12 crore. Recently, the Danapur station has been redesigned with street art motifs on its façade and it is dedicated to the famous mathematician “Aryabhatta” who was born in Bihar.

At present, the Danapur railway station is facing a load of about 260 pairs of passenger trains. About 8 pairs of mail and express trains originate from the station daily. Many long-distance passenger trains also pass through it.

Danapur Railway Station

An additional platform and a stabling yard line is being constructed at the southern end of the railway station. For providing connectivity to each platform the railways are going to build two new foot overbridges ( FOBs) with a width of three-meter. The railways will install a large size train indication board outside of the main station building for the passengers as they could see their train position easily while entering the station. A VIP lounge, a spacious state-of-the-art refreshment hall, a new waiting hall, two retiring rooms, and new passenger reservation system counters have also been built at the station.

The Railways has completed the construction of the main portico of the station. They had also provided a spacious parking area for the vehicles. The repair of the platform surface will be done. They will provide an adequate number of benches on each platform. Drinking water facilities, proper lighting, and sheds on each platform will be provided. The improvement in the railway inquiry system will also come to fulfill the needs of the passengers.

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