Determined to change the fate & face of Bihari cinema | The Sibling Duo.

India is a country of diversified cultures. One face of this diversification is the cinema industry which hails in the eastern side of India. The one which hasn’t yet attained the glory it deserves.- The Bihari cinema. Mostly known as the movies in language- Bhojpuri & Maithili.

Neetu Chandra, A mainstream bollywood actress and Nitin Chandra, A renowned director – are the sibling duo who has taken their side of responsibility to glorify this industry from the land where they belong to to take a further leap.

This duo made their debut together in 2012 with the movie ‘Deswa’ under the banner Champaran Talkies. Neetu Chandra being the producer made her debut in Bihari cinema with this movie which was being written-directed by her brother and an applauded Director, Nitin Chandra. Deswa, a crime thriller, was the first Bihari movie to be recognized and mark its presence in International film festivals in country like Singapore, Canada, US, Fiji and other countries. They are now coming up with the Hindi version of Deswa as “Once Upon a time in Bihar” which was shot simultaneously with Deswa.

In recent years the family audience and ethical societies of Bihar and other states where the language is spoken has been drifting away and has shown a gradual decline in their fondness for Bihari Movies due to the vulgarity and hideous taglines. This weak cinema culture has lately lost its loyal audience. Ergo, the sibling duo aims to bring back its loyal audience and attracting more audiences from all the sections of society and other parts of country by making clean and meaningful movies.

Their aim doesn’t only limit to the upgrading the quality of movies made in the state but they have also been working towards the enriching of the Bihari culture and tradition as a whole. The brother – sister duo is one great example for all those people who tends forget their basic moral and responsibility towards the piece of land where they were born. They are icons for all those people who have always been fighting for the reputation of their state and had been working for it.

In 2016, the Producer- Director Sibling duo is ready to hit the silver screen again with their new venture ‘Mithila Makhaan’ produced under the banner Champaran Talkies. This movie has been shot in Toronto, New Delhi and parts of Mithilanchal in Bihar and Nepal and its cast includes various renowned actors from Bihari cinema and bollywood. The movie is a tribute to 50th year of Maithili Cinema which has had its seedling in Bihar itself. Maithili is a language which is spoken by over 80 million people around the globe. The first Maithili movie was made in 1965 but since then here hasn’t been any acknowledgment for this section of Bihari movie industry.

We at PatnaBeats applaud all the efforts of this sibling duo and wish them all the good luck for their current assignment and several ventures of the future. We wish you all the success you deserve and we support you in every possible way.


Check out the trailer of their 2nd movie Mithila Makhaan!!