Desi Chai Café | a new destination for all the chai lovers in Patna
Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna

Desi Chai Café | a new destination for all the chai lovers in Patna

Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna After a long hectic day who doesn’t crave for a cup of hot, steaming tea. It gives us “sukoon” on a different level altogether. You must be wondering why sukoon is written in bold and being emphasised. It’s because there is a café in the heart of Patna- Boring road which actually offers you sukoon ki chai and if you’re a Chai lover, then your visiting list must be comprised of this café.

Desi Chai café is a new thing in Patna for all the Chai lovers as it offers more than 30 different flavours of tea with a vast range of healthy snacks under one roof. This café is an outcome of startup boom in the market of Bihar. Entrepreneurship is creating the buzz among people. Rather than opening a famous brand’s outlet, the younger generation is eager to have a brand of their own. The reason behind this concept, as told by Aditya Singh– owner of the Desi Chai Café, is to introduce a new range of tea products which were never tasted before in Patna. There are different kinds of tea with fascinating names which coaxes your taste buds to make you visit the café again and again. The crème de la crème product of the café is Desi Chai which gives you the homely taste in the lovely rustic ambience. Some of the flavours of tea are Irani Chai, Hajmola chai, Sheer Chai, Kashmiri Chai, Tulsi Chai, Kehba Chai and my favourite Sukoon ki Chai. Other than that the Desi Chai Café has also prepared Navratra Chai and Fasting Chai keeping the festive season in mind. Desi Chai also has an exclusive flavour of tea, named Energica Chai.

Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna


Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna

I’m a big chai-lover, and this place has really impressed me. All the different flavours of chai are very soothing. Other than exotic flavours of tea the snacks like Pyaaz pakoda and Cheese pakoda which I had were very tasty. said RJ Shruti, a satisfied customer of Desi Chai Café.

The first thing you’ll notice while entering the café is the rustic ambience of the whole place. Everything is appropriately set up to create a feeling of a home in a village. Decorated kettles, lights in the shape of lamps, the whole bamboo decoration and the dim lighting will lighten your mood up and provide you with a relaxing aura. One-fourth of the café is dedicated to artificial grass, placed to sit on the floor, again to create a homely ambience. Desi Chai transmits a vibe of cute-little-cosy place with warming hospitality and customer service.

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Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna

I wanted to add different flavours of tea to taste buds of Patna. In Patna, there are many coffee shops, but we don’t have many places to sit back relax and enjoy a steaming cup of tea. My focus is to target the broader section of society like college-going students to office-goers with a limited budget to spend. I’ll be opening a new outlet of Desi Chai Café in Kankarbagh shortly. said Aditya Singh owner of Desi Chai Café.

Other than the long list of tea, Desi Chai Café also offers healthy snack items like Paneer Pakoda, Paneer Bhurji Paav, Paneer Cheese Paratha, Chilli Cheese Corn Paratha, Kanda Bhajia, Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich, Nutella Paratha. Noodles, Manchurian and Momo, are also on the list.

I’ve never heard about these much varieties of tea. This was a new experience coming here. The snacks offered here are also good.said Arsalan Haider, a customer of Desi Chai.

Desi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, PatnaDesi ChaI Café, PatnaBeats, Patna

All the Chai lovers must give it a shot and enjoy the long list of tea flavours and have a mesmerising experience. You can also order online on Zomato or the website of the Desi Chai Café .  The Desi Chai café is located at 1st floor, Opp. Hira Panna, beside Indian Oil petrol pump, Boring Road Chauraha, Patna. You might find it tricky to find the place but once you get inside you’ll enjoy your visit for sure. You can contact them at 9304700459.

A friend, a healer and a companion – Chai is synonymous with so many emotions. People love drinking coffee, but for me, and a lot of Indians, nothing can replace a good-old cup of chai. 

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Quote of the day: “If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.” 
― William Ewart Gladstone

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