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According to the World Health Organization, India is one of the most depressed countries in the world where 36% of Indians are likely to suffer from major depression at some point in their lives. It’s high time that we rise and break the conservatism associated with it and speak up confidently to seek help. It’s important that we take mental disorders as seriously as we would take any physical illness and treat it the same way as life is precious. There can be no healthy body without a healthy mind.

When we can talk freely about physical illness, why not mental illness?

Mood Swings, which may sometimes last for a prolonged period, are a part of the cycle that each of us have to go through. Loss of loved ones, suffering financial losses, breakdown of relationship etc can all cause us to wallow in grief and sorrow. However, when this wallowing doesn’t subside over a respectable period of time or the person keeps falling down in the spiral of despair and despondency, it may be the time for them to take serious look at their condition as they might be suffering from depression.

Depression is a mood disorder which is accompanied by continuous feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness over a long period of time. The person loses interest in activities that were once pleasurable, tends to oversleep or not being to sleep at all, overeat or stop eating altogether, may have suicidal thoughts, trouble in focusing or making decisions, feeling fatigued or physically drained and may even feel a total lack of control over his/her life. In simpler words, depression is the feeling of persistent sadness which lasts for weeks, months or even years and can lead to emotional, mental and physical impairment.

One might think it is just a phase that will pass, but be careful, it could be much more. The World Health Organisation characterises depression as one of the most disabling situations in the world. Yet, most people aren’t even aware that they are suffering from it and need immediate help. However, as disabling and scary it may sound, with the right knowledge and action depression can be easily managed and one can expect to make full recovery. So, one doesn’t have to suffer in silence and should not delay in making choice about how to deal with it. There are people who can help you and bring you out from that dark and miserable space.

Find a Counsellor who can help you heal because to treat the most complicated organ in the body,it demands considerable expertise. Counselling can help you understand your depression and motivate you to take the action necessary to prevent it from coming back and can bring back the vibrancy of life.

Medication may be imperative if you’re feeling suicidal or violent. But while it can help relieve symptoms of depression in some people, it isn’t a cure and is not usually a long-term solution. It also comes with side effects and other drawbacks so it’s important to learn all the facts to make an informed decision.It is a request to take cognizance of the above mentioned facts as it can save lives.

Shri Sai Family Health and Wellness Centreis a “place” where doctors understands your problem and are committed to help. Shri Sai offers a platform where one can get information on different types of mental illness, including depression, and can also get connected with professional experts with immense knowledge and experience.

Mansi More, a Mental Health Counsellor, is just one of the many, who are always ready to extend a helping hand towards the person in need.
All what is expected out of a person is to SPEAK UP

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