Commercial stalls at the Patliputra Mahotsav : What do they have in store for you?

While visiting any Mahotsava or mela, the main purpose of visitors is generally shopping. Keeping that in mind, we at PatnaBeats are bringing to you the very best of the stalls present at the Patliputra Mahotsav. Patliputra Mahotsav which began on 26th of December has now become the place to be for all the patnaites.

But if you are still in two minds regarding the arrangements or the prospects of shopping stalls, worry not! We are here to clear all your doubts and be your guide as we take you through this journey of stall hopping. So let’s begin

  1. Passerine Foundation:

If you are a lover of art in general and paintings in particular then this is the place to be for you. Passerine is founded by students of NIFT PATNA. Talking about her stall, Kareena Shivam, one of the founding members of the passerine group says, “We have begun our entrepreneurship career with this foundation. You can get various types of paintings, specially designed photo frames and various other things.” The best part about their enterprise is that they donate 20% of their profits to needy children in orphanages.

  1. Golden Footwear:

This stall is especially for ladies. So, to all the ladies out there, if you are thinking about shoes and sandals or any other kind of footwear, that too at cheapest of the prices, then this is the best place to be right now. “We specialise in ladies foot wear. We have an experience of 15 years and have been part of many exhibitions. The main aim is to provide quality product at cheapest prices”, says the stall manager Bablu Kumar.

  1. Ayurvedic and Medicinal Herbs:

Ayurveda is an ever growing health industry. Keeping that in mind, Patliputra Mahotsav has also invited Viadyas and Medicinal Herbs experts to put up their stalls in it. There two such stalls. One is that of Vaidya Ayodhya Sharma JI. He has been practising ayurveda for past 40 years. Vaidya ji says, “I have received training in Ayurveda from Lucknow as well as Haridwar. I can treat and have cured various people complaining of sugar, gastritis, eczema, piles and many other diseases. I have my own clinic at Fatuha.” What is even more interesting is the fact that, he has been awarded by Nitish Kumar and unlike other stalls owners; he doesn’t have to pay for the stall either.

Another Medicinal Herb stall in the Patliputra Mahotsav goes by the name of Jai Seva 750. They have come all the way from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Their stall boasts of various herbs and medicines made from them. They claim it to be pure tribal product from the Western Ghats. Theirs is family business and is being run from many generations.

  1. Naseema Jewelleries and Handi-Crafts:

If you are someone interested in gems and jewelleries, and would also like to support the native handicrafts industry, then this is the stall for you. They have got some very nice varieties of bangles which are purely handmade. They have also got various other kinds of jewelleries and gemstones. Talking about his stall and its uniqueness, its owner, who has come from Barihar Samastipur with his four sons says, “I have been doing melas and mahotsavas from past 20 years. It’s our family business. The variety and rarity that’s there in our stall is hard to find anywhere in entire Bihar”.

  1. PatnaBeats Store:

Yes! You read it right. We as Bihar’s first eMerchandise brand have also put up our first offline stall in the Patliputra Mahotsav. The basic idea of supporting Brand Bihar is what made us join this mahotsava and opt for opening our own stall over here. If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or twitter, then you would already be familiar with the fact that we are selling our products at discounted prices in the mahotsava. Talking about this move, Bashshar Habibullah, the founding member of the brand says, “The prices have been slashed so that more people could buy the products. The basic aim is that, people who buy those clothes should also take home the proud feeling of being Brand Bihar themselves.”

Apart from these main stalls there are many other stalls which include stalls of food items like that of Mithila Grih Udyog, which specialises in food items such as sattu, namkeen, papad etc. Then thre are some stalls which have stall owners who have come from other parts of the country. This includes, Rajasthani Achar, which has 40 varieties of sweet and salty pickles. There is Gujarati Namkeen from Rajkot. There are stalls of people from Delhi specialising in Health products and also a big Sofa stall bringing to you a large variety of collections. Along with all these, there is a stall of Kashmiri woollen products named Sameer Bhai woollen store. They have come from Srinagar, Kashmir. You can find a large variety of pashmina and woollen products.

These are just some of the few eye catching stalls that we have brought to you. There are many more. We would be bringing a few them in some of our next articles. We have tried our best to make the report as lively as possible. However, we would recommend that you visit these stalls yourself to get that awesome feeling that we had while covering these stalls.

We know that you are already buzzing with excitement having read this and our previous articles on the Mahotsava. We promise you to be your online guide and reporter throughout this grand festival. So come visit the Patliputra Mahotsava and keep following PatnaBeats for more reports.


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