CNG kit to be installed in autos and four wheelers in Patna.

The process of fitting CNG kit in petrol vehicles in Patna will kick start from June onwards. Four-wheeler vehicles and auto rickshaws will be targetted initially and later on other vehicles will also have to get the CNG kit fixed. According to Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), kit construction companies have started contacting the Transport Department in regards to the approval for fixing kits in capital Patna. It is only after approval that those companies can begin their work of fixing CNG kit in the vehicles.

Work towards getting CNG fixed in vehicles will be carried on with more speed after the opening of Naubatpur CNG station in March. As the Kit construction companies have already contacted the transportation department for the approval, they will soon be opening their offices in Patna so that they can handle the operations from here. These companies are constantly in touch with the government officers of the respective department. In the upcoming days, the Kit construction companies will also organise various workshops, related to this topic in association with different automobile companies.

According to news reports, customers who will be getting their vehicles fixed with CNG will have to get their vehicle hydro-tested every three years. Around Rs. 1500 will be charged for this each time you get your vehicle hydro-tested. In this testing, the waste garnered in the CNG cylinder will be removed and other treatments will follow the process. Only after the testing, the vehicle will be allowed to run for the next three years. While on the other hand chances of getting fire in the vehicle or the CNG kit malfunction is higher if you do not get your vehicle tested in three years. Along with it, the transportation department will also provide guidelines about the changes in registration of the vehicles, which has their CNG kit fixed.

However, even after getting the CNG fixed in your vehicle, the option of petrol fueling will be available. In case of unavailability of a Gas station, you can simply refuel your petrol tank and ignite your engine. All you have to do is to change the switch.

According to officials, the rate of getting your vehicle fixed with the CNG kit will be the same as it is in New Delhi. There will be two options for the CNG kit vehicles- normal kit and the sequential kit. The cost of getting your vehicle fixed with the Normal kit will be around Rs. 25 to 30 thousand while if you opt for the sequential kit, you’ll be charged around Rs. 30 to 35 thousand. Getting a CNG kit fixed in an auto-rickshaw will cost around 20 to 25 thousand.

Every day, one or other steps are being taken to deal with the alarming problem of air pollution. And similarly, an initiative like this can be seen as a potential move to mark a reduction in it.