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बुझ जाएँगी सारी आवाजें, यादें-यादें रह जाएंगी, तस्वीर बचेंगी आँखों में, और बातें सब बह जाएंगी।_Gulzar

Our life is nothing but a compilation of memories. Memories of good moments and the bad ones. Memories of success and failure. Memories of happiness and sadness.

Some of them we try to remember, other we forget. Some of them we capture, others we let it be.

Wedding is one of the special events in our lifetime that we love to capture every moment of it. We wish to frame it bit by bit, to cherish it for the rest of our lives. We could compromise with the venue or food, but don’t we hesitate to compromise with our shooting services?

Here we are going to talk about one such team that understand you, who knows how to bring a smile on your face during your wedding or other events, and even after the event is over.

They’ve done a photo shoot for Sanjay Mishra, Neetu Chandra, Pankaj Jha, and wedding shoot for Deepali Sahay, Amit Dhawal and more. But that’s not the best part, they did photo shoot on transgender’s life, molestation and other social issues.

They’ve made it a vow to not charge those who are unable to pay. You want a photo shoot for some charity event, or other public events or for any other not so financially empowered individual, who want to capture their good moments but find it impossible to pay, contact them on Instagram, click here

Or visit them at PHOTOWALE

According to them, they’ve done around 300 coverage of various categories. They’ve actively trying to bring the new genre of photography to our state. Be it Maternity Shoot, Baby Shoot, Fashion Shoot, Destination shoot (National & International), Theme shoot and more. You demand, and they’ll serve you!

Beautiful venue, lovely people, tasty food, fascinating lights, the bride & the groom, and there are a team of photographers who’re capturing everything perfectly. Drone shots to get the sky view, highly-professional cameras to get high quality images, soft light to brighten the subject, little bit of editing, realistic scripting, deciding the most appealing frame, keeping eye on everybody’s smile, on every good moment, on every memories and a quick click to pause that moment forever in form of images or videos.

They’ve all the right resources like professional cameras such as Sony A7, Canon 5d, high-quality drones, lights, and the best team to give your shoot a cinematic effect. It’s their duty to bring the best of your story and save it like a real feel.

Talking to Yuvraj, founder (Photowale), he claims the company to be started accidently as he never thought to be photographer. He even accept the fact that he had never enrolled himself in any kind of studies but have learned everything by himself.

“We first try to know the full story before planning for their event, then present the story and not just images and videos.

Wedding Photography is something that sustain for your lifetime and even after that, so we make sure that not just you but even your children will feel the amazement while going through those memories”,

says Yuvraj, Founder, Photowale.

If you too want to save your emotions in form of pictures and videos, you know where to go. Let’s wish Yuvraj and the team a success and hope that they’ll keep capturing the most beautiful thing in the world, EMOTIONS!

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