How colleges are running the classes in Pandemic ERA - IMPACT
Corona affecting academics

How colleges are running the classes in Pandemic ERA – IMPACT

Corona affecting academics

Above all, a fit body, healthy food, as well as proper education is essential for success and a happy life. In addition, education not only develops a personality but also brings a big and positive change in the standard of living.

We all know that this is a very hard time of Corona so, everything seems to be a big challenge as we put our foot forward. Many strict and necessary policies have been forwarded by the Central and the state government to be followed attentively by all of us.

Impact for the good

In the meantime, students are not being able to get into academics correctly. There is a break of routine, damage of academic activities, and lack of a familiar environment for studies.  To overcome the same, Impact college rescued their students by providing easy accessible online lecturers, and course-related learning materials on the website.

impact college
Impact college

The establishment of the college was held on 4 July 2014 and its affiliation is with Aryabhatta Knowledge University. Aryabhatta Knowledge University established in 2008 by the State government of Bihar. In addition, the University provides a variety of courses in different subjects like engineering, management, IT, mass communication, etc.

Impact college showing their traits with a clear objective to provide quality education with the right opportunity for the upcoming young professionals.

In this journey of six years, Impact college also made some milestones. They won the award for ‘Best Professional College’ in Goa, and recognition by Indian Educationist, former director of NCERT and Padmshree Dr. J.S. Rajput.

Award for Best Professional College
Award for Best Professional College in Goa handed over by Madhuri Dixit


Award from Padmshree Dr. J S Rajput
Award from Padmshree Dr. J S Rajput


Most importantly, imparting quality education to students and create innovative methods of teaching-learning environment. Guiding by qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculties to the students. I believe hard work, perseverance, and commitment are the keys to excel in any field that the individual wants.

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In this tragic period, the institution is providing proper assistance in placements for the final year students. Work from home and virtual internships are the new professional wires on which students are stepping on. In addition, it is also the necessity of time.

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