City of Patna is all set for Chhath with colorful paintings, Ganga drive and clean ghats

This Chhath, Patna is all set to get a new look with colourful paintings, Ganga drive and clean ghats.

Chhath, the most sacred festival in the land of Bihar. It was a festival which has its roots in Bihar, but today it has grown and reached all over India as well as many other corners of the world. It’s a four-day festival, where God Sun is worshiped by the devotees. People go to a river, or pond or any other water body to give the Arghya. 

Patna, as being the capital of the state as well as a home to the river Ganga, gets a large number of devotees every year. Not just Patnaites but even people from regions adjacent to Patna come to the city to celebrate Chhath. As a huge festival, it also needs the best management, super planning, cleaning of Ghats, surveillance and installation of different forces to make sure that things are always in control. 

This time, Patna Municipal Corporation and Patna District Administration, with the same intention, has made sure that nothing should be left behind and every possible measure should be taken for the convenience of devotees. They are providing numerous facilities both around the ghats and inside the city. Every step taken by them is appreciable, but one thing that is just amazing is to paint various location in and around Patna with Madhubani painting. 


Income Tax Golambar, Collectorate Ghat, Kali Ghat, Kadam Ghat and Bansi Ghat are some of the places in the list. Several artists are continuously working to paint these locations. The total area of painting is estimated to be around 7000 sq.ft. The paintings are based on the theme of Chhath and Sanitation. 

Chhath is our state festival, and Madhubani Painting is our state painting, and the decision taken by Patna Municipal Corporation to combine both is great”_ Rakesh Jha, Craft Wala.


Besides this, PMC is all set to welcome the great festival, Chhath. The whole city has got cleaned, banks of the river are getting repaired and constructed, and lights have been installed at every point around the banks. There will be cameras for surveillance, and changing rooms for devotees and Helpdesk. 

They have also build Ganga Drive, which is a pathway that connects all the banks from Collectorate ghat to Kali Ghat and beyond. Inside the Ganga, they have made numerous artificial ghats, which are linked and helps in providing more space to the devotees.

Disaster management teams, NDRF are ready, police forces, BSF and other management forces are also being installed. You can also hear the chhath song being played in different parts of the city. 

Chhath is the time when Patna looks clean and beautiful, in spite of having 262 ranks in cleanliness in India (According to Swachh Survekshan 2017 Rankings). It is sad to notice that the condition becomes the same after some time. Throwing garbage on the road and spitting will resume, and very soon it will lose its beauty and glory. So, we at PatnaBeats urge you to take the pledge to maintain the city and keep it clean even after the festival is over. Let’s rank under 25 in next Swachh Survekshan Ranking.

Happy Chhath Puja Everyone.

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