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Chhath Puja App launched to help devotees to have smooth and safe Chhath

Chhath App‘Chhath Puja Patna’ Mobile app launched for Chhath Puja; available for download on Android

In the light of upcoming Chhath Puja, the Patna administration has launched a mobile app named ‘Chhath Puja Patna’ for making available all necessary information regarding the festival.

Launching the app on Wednesday, Patna district administration emphasieed that the app will help devotees in determining different Ghats available for Chhath Puja. The app will also play useful in case of emergency.

Patna district magistrate (DM) Sanjay Kumar Agarwal has been the key constructer of the idea of this app. The app is made available to download for android users from the Google Play store.

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The app will be useful in locating available medical teams, parking slots and their distance from the main road and the phone numbers of magistrates’ deputed there. It also alerts users about the Ghats which have been termed dangerous along the Ganga river bank.

The app also lets users to download songs related to Chhath Puja.

Source: Newsnation

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