Charter of Demand presented by children from 11 districts for creating violence free Bihar

Charter of Demand presented by children from 11 districts for creating violence free Bihar

30 years of Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was celebrated at Adhiveshan Bhawan, Patna by UNICEF. The event was a summit including children from 11 districts of Bihar who presented Charter of Demand to the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. These charter of demand process started from 11th November under which the 500 students from various districts of Bihar wants to convey for keeping their child rights safe and secure.

The UNO Bihar WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY theme for 2019 was ‘ Safe and Violence Free Bihar for every child’. Under this theme, Kilkari Bal Bhawan students presented an act that depicted the kind of violence children face at home, schools, society and streets. The performance left no stones unturned in presenting the message inside. The hall of Adhiveshan Bhawan was all blue with ribbons, banners, caps and bags filled with children from 11 districts of Bihar.

 The children presented their Charter of Demand through an act and showcased it in front of the panel of guests which include Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Modi, Dr N. Vijayalakshmi, Management Director- Women Development Corporation, Ramesh Rishikesh, Minister of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes Welfare Department, Additional Chief Secretary, Social Welfare Department Atul Prasad, Special Secretaries Dayanidhan Pandey and Sujata Chalana, UNICEF, Bihar Chief Asadur Rahman along with 500 children, government officials, representatives of civic organizations and other distinguished guests.

The CHARTER OF DEMAND presented by children were-

  • There should be a change in the attitude of parents with children, they need with children so that children can share their issues with them.
  • The family environment should be open so that children can express themselves freely
  • Both parents should be good because it affects children.
  • There should be a father group in society
  • Corporal punishment must be abolished from school
  •  There should be suggestion box in the school, government officials should check it and solve the issues of children
  •  Caste discrimination should end in the school
  • Police should visit schools regularly to check for eve-teasing
  •  The school should have a counsellor who can provide counselling to the students
  •  Helpline should be written on the walls of schools
  •  Every school should have a WhatsApp group
  •  Economic discrimination must end
  •  Gender discrimination between son and daughter should be eliminated within the family
  • Street lights and CCTV cameras should be provided on rural roads
  • Public toilets should be built every 2 kilometres
  • There should be information officers in the village who can give information about new schemes and programs
  • Police certificate should be obtained before marriage so that age can be verified correctly
  •  The school should have a complaint box
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The Deputy Chief Minister addressed the event,”If a child is being exploited, then the children should protest against it at any level. If children find any irregularity in their school with a midday meal, then they should raise their voice. One of the demands that the children have submitted to me, such as a suggestion box should be installed in schools, in which children can complain. I, along with the Education Department, will ensure that this complaint box is placed in every school as well as to make sure that it is opened outside the school in the presence of any government officials. Along with this, we will also work to fulfil the remaining suggestions. Along with the rights of children, they also have responsibilities.”

The event ended with a hope that the presented charter of demand will be worked out and the child rights in Bihar will be practised positively.

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