‘Chai Pe Charcha’ to be held by Bihar police to Cut Down on Crime

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Police has come up with an idea as part of which people will share information relating to crime in their area with the patrol party over a cup of tea.

The idea is the brainchild of Munger Superintendent of Police Ashish Bharti to effectively deal with crime in the district notorious for illegal arms trade.

 As part of the programme, residents and alerts about crime in their area will share information with the patrolling party over tea, the SP said.

The patrol party will get a form signed by the residents of the locality they visit which will serve as evidence of their visit to the area.

The residents will be given a “police mitra card”, bearing the SP’s signature, acknowledging their efforts to cut down on crime.

“The idea would help police forge a better relationship with the residents and personnel awake in the dead of the night,” the SP said, adding the programme starts tonight.

Three patrolling parties have been deployed in town police station area, two in Kasimbazar police station area and one in Jamalpur.


Source: News18

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