Chaapa: The Unique Wedding Couture Of Bihari Muslims

Chaapa: The Unique Wedding Couture Of Bihari Muslims

Source: Outlook

The Global fashion market keeps changing its course now and then but the trend which never goes out of fashion is Chaapa, especially for Muslim brides of Bihar.

The word Chaapa comes from the word Chaap (meaning printing). The block print or the Chaapa is a must wedding attire for Muslim marriages in Bihar, earlier every woman in the house wore a Chaapa dress like compulsion but now the trend of the bride wearing it on her nikah day is in. In Bihar, there is a culture of the Chaapa dress being sent from the groom’s side for the bride on nikah day. Without it the Nikah ceremony seems incomplete.

Source: Heritage times

Earlier only two colours red and green were available, but with the demand varieties of colors could now be found. The Chaapa print is the silver stamp or print on the attire, made especially for wedding occasions for brides. It comes in Ghagraa, Lehengha, Sharara and even Sarees. They are not only beautiful but affordable too.

The origin of the Chaapa is not mentioned clearly but is said to be from may be 150 years back or even older. It connects the Muslims to their origin. Districts like Bihar shareef, Darbhanga, Aurangabad, Patna and especially Gaya are famous for their Chaapa work. It came into the limelight when Dr. Francis Buchanan came to India as an employee of the East India Company and wrote in his article about the Chaapa print, somewhere between 1811 and 1812. In his article, he stated the importance of chaapa apparel held among Muslims.

At an event, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked Rangrez Artisan Development Committee to the Chaapa business from extinction. To date, Chaapa remains to be popular among the Muslim brides of Bihar.

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