Catch the glimpse of History at Patna Museum
Patna Museum

Catch the glimpse of History at Patna Museum

Patna is the capital city of Bihar in India. It is also known as Patliputra. Patna was founded by the king of Magadha in 490 BCE. It is rich in its cultural heritage. There are many tourist attractions in the city such as Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Golghar, Darbhanga House, ManerSharif Dargah etc.Patna Museum is one of the places which is on the list of almost all the tourists and travelling enthusiasts. Let us know about some facts regarding the museum.

Patna Museum


• Patna Museum is the oldest and well-preserved museum which is popularly known as “Jaadu ghar”. It was constructed in 1917 and opened for the public from 3rd April. It was founded by Sir Edward, Ex-Governor of Bihar and Odisha.

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• The architecture of this magnificent museum is based on the Mughals and Rajputana style. The idea of making Patna museum came just after the separation of Bihar and Bengal. This museum includes two floors with a variety of historical artefacts. It is situated in the Budh Marg, Lodipur, Patna, Bihar.

Patna Museum
• This museum contains more than 50,000 unique art objects. These art objects come under Indian art facts from the British colonial era and the ancient middle ages. The museum is surrounded by a beautiful park.

• This museum is the residence of the First World War’s cannon and of 16 meters long a fossil tree, which is million years old and now it is known as the longest fossilized tree in the world.

Patna Museum
• Patna museum has collections of many wonderful paintings from the time of British rule in which some of the paintings visualize the life of our first President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad.

• The marvellous statue of Lord Buddha and stupas named as Shatabdi Smarak is located in one of the corners of the museum; however, the most popular collection of the museum is “DIDARGANJ YAKSHANI” the statue from 3rd century BC. Didarganj Yakshi is a masterpiece statue of Chauribearer which was discovered on the bank of Ganga River near Didarganj, Patna in 1917.

Patna Museum
• There are some other museums also available in Patna, still, Patna museum is one of the most famous among the tourists. This museum comes under the five most popular tourist places in Patna, Bihar. This museum also displays archaeological objects such as bronze, coins, thankas, instruments, textiles and many more. These are the artefacts in the place which attracts people.

We at PatnaBeats encourage all our readers to visit the museum at least once. The site is especially more interesting for children and history and antique enthusiasts.

-Supriya Sinha

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