Can Patna based techie’s, app be the next big thing in Social Media?

-Shivani Sinha

Just like the way, stock market evaluates a brand’s value, this app helps in evaluating an individual’s net worth.

In the aftermath of economic recession that had hit the country in late 2000s, a three-time winner of Best Employee award in a tech giant in Hyderabad was sacked during imminent lay-offs.

It turned out to be a hard-hitting revelation for the ‘outstanding employee’, Ritij Mukul, pushing him to contemplate the concept of self-worth and image that an individual holds in the eyes of his employer and rest of the world. Around half-a-decade later, Mukul has channelised his creative unrest to build a first-of-its-kind social media application ‘Image Value’ for people to check their worth.

Why image value matters?

“Just like the way, stock market evaluates a brand’s value, this app helps in evaluating an individual’s net worth,” Mukul, a resident of Bihta area in state capital, explains enthusiastically. The 30-year-old pursued his graduation from Delhi University after his finishing his basic education from the hometown.

After he was sacked from his job in the year 2010, Mukul thought of developing this app that could go beyond the qualifications of an individual to calculate his worth.

Five years of single-handed effort, lakhs of codes, and firm determination eventually helped him in developing a product that was good enough to claim a patent. In the run upto earning a patent, Mukul’s app has been mentioned by a globally renowned magazine twice within 18 months to ensure that no one had any objection with the idea.

The application, that the developer claims will pose a tough competition to other social media giants, claims to ‘display the per minute value of an individual. “For instance, every minute is crucial for Shah Rukh Khan, who is also known as Bollywood’s Badhsah. Even if he spends five minutes in a washroom, it might cost a sponsor heavily who is paying him in crores to attend a show,” Mukul explains. Similarly, the app Image Value is all about calculating the per minute worth of an individual.

‘The bigger picture’

When a user crosses the first benchmark of Image Value which is called ‘Sparkling Value’, according to Mukul, his value will be showed in quantified format, which is the next step.

“A user’s circle of network plays a critical role in deciding the worth of an individual. Any wrong status update, comment, any action by his circle will directly affect his image value,” Mukul underlines.

In near future, the techie aims to evaluate a person’s role in the bigger picture, for instance, an individual’s contribution towards Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

Further, the app also promises several other benefits for the users. When a user crosses a certain benchmark, he can also benefit from the revenue generated by ads on his page. Besides, the app can also help the recruiters in finding the right fit for a job.

Interestingly, Mukul’s app is already creating ripples in the industry. Recognised by Mahindra Rise among the top ten best innovative projects in the year 2011, Image Value has also found place in Make in India project and is a part of Amrita TBI Pitchfest 2016. Moreover, the founder would also be mentoring the finalists of ‘Eureka’, IIT Bombay’s business plan contest.

Faced with financial challenges, Mukul has already been showered with lucrative offers from a tech-giant that wishes to buy the app yet Mukul says he wants to develop the idea further because he takes bigger leaps.

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