By 2020, Bihar to probably get a high school at each Panchayat

Bihar government has set plans for 2020. It is like a dream come true. Education Department of Bihar had a meeting on 2nd June 2019 with an important announcement. The meeting was held with CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi, in which the Chief Minister announced that Bihar would get one high school in each Panchayat by 2020. If this works, Bihar would become the first state in India to get one high school in each Panchayat.

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Bihar government schools are still in lack of proper facilities and quality education. To this, the education department has set a goal to get smart class facilities along with essential facilities for quality education in the proposed high schools at Panchayat level. Students from rural areas had to shift to the block level schools after primary classes, though Mukhyamantri Cycle Yojna has helped students to reach schools at a larger level. The girl’s enrollment increased by 30% and the gender gap in enrollment by 40%. Now the new announcement by Bihar’s education department can bring a massive development in the education sector. In Bihar, there are 8,463 panchayats and each of them would have a high school based on co-education.

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The failure of Bihar education system is mainly due to the lack and absence of teachers. To improve this, the posting of qualified teachers would be made and their attendance would be monitored through a hi-tech app developed by the education department.

We hope that the proposed idea works well and we could witness a positive change in Bihar’s education at the school level.

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