#Bouncebackbihar: A wave of awareness

While COVID cases are on the rise, Bounce back Bihar has recently become the new cool. You can follow the hashtag to gather information on the downside of Covid-19 with a tinge of Bihari Creativity. Even though several awareness campaigns were run by the government and almost everyone is talking about COVID-19 all across the world there are still few people who consider Corona to be a fashionable disease that is unattainable. But we live in an era where Few could be fatal. Such people were the target audience of these members who shared a burning desire to spread awareness which reaches every single Bihari. What better way to do that other than reaching out in their regional language.

#BounceBackBihar is a joint initiative by Digital Commentary ( Aakash & Kshitiz ), Bihari No.1 ( Bibhu Nandan Singh ), Magadhi Boys ( Vishwajeet Pratap Singh & Yugal Kishore Bharti ), RVCJ Media ( Shahid Javed ) & Rusk Media. A 7-day campaign which started on the 1st of May and went on till the 7th of May.

The team spread the message across Bihar asking people to make short awareness clips in the regional languages such as Magahi, Bhojpuri, Angika, Vajjika, Maithili, and Theti and share the content which would be posted on the platform with 7.5 million viewers so that it reaches everyone. Be it our regular pan wale bhaiya who assumes that he is immune to Corona or Dadi who fails to keep up with the news.

The squad believed that if one person creates a video they would not only remain influenced themselves but also influence ten others around them. The platform procured a huge response from the public receiving multiple videos in varied regional languages where people brought up different aspects of this grave issue.

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Bibhu Singh, the owner of Bihari No. 1 said, “The inflow of videos has been amazing and we ourselves are surprised at how well people are receiving it and the creative ways they are adopting to spread the word. I got videos of people converting a peepal leaf into a mask” now that sounds pretty creative and eco friendly at the same time.

People belonging to different walks of life came forward to join this campaign such as Actors, Singers, RJ’s, Police personal, YouTube Influencer or local children, ladies, and Youth.

The campaign was showered with the love of people. In this seven-day campaign, 17 videos have been posted on the parent platform featuring famous personalities such as RJ Akanksha, Gunjan Pant (Bhojpuri actress), Ravi Bhushan (Actor in Paan Singh Tomar and Jamtara), Anurabh Kumar (Founder of TVF), Yugal Kishore Bharati and Vishwajeet Pratap Singh and many others. The campaign reached its climax when DGP, Shri Gupteshwar Pandey Ji joined it and took it to his social handle where he made a Bhojpuri statement saying “Satla toh gaila beta”. The video went viral reaching millions of viewers and so did the message.

Bihar’s DGP Gupteshwar Pandey mentioned #Bouncebackbihar while addressing the public.

Jatin Sarna who played BUNTY in Sacred Games joined the campaign. (Jatin Sarna actor in sacred games)

If you impact one life your job is pretty much done and this campaign influenced many.
While replying to the question, ‘To what extent the campaign was successful in influencing the people at the grassroot level’, Bibhu Singh said, “There have been instances where local vendors were tying polythene around their hands owing to the shortage of gloves, steadily people are realizing that trivial carelessness can endanger numerous lives.”

On being asked if he would like to continue with the movement witnessing the huge love that they have amassed from the community, he replied, ” It was our initiative but having done our part we pass it on to the people. Now the campaign belongs to the people of Bihar, they have to ensure that the message reaches every single citizen”.

It is time to shoulder responsibility. We have to come together in order to prevent Bihar from getting converted into a stacking place for the dead. Let us once again find pride in our Unity and bounce back. Biharis for Bihar!

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