Book Donation Camp on Gandhi Jayanti at Gandhi Maidan

Education is the key to unlock the golden dream of freedom. The freedom to embark on a new journey, the freedom to express one’s thoughts and the freedom to live life to its fullest. Education is an integral part of everyone’s lives and is essential for shaping one’s personality as well as for the upliftment of the society. Education provides a clearer insight in the world of history and literature, of traditions and customs and that of politics and society.

In the words of the great Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

And with this motive to change the world, a Non-Government Organization named Kindled Youth and an online bookstore is going to organize a books donating camp for the underprivileged & needy of the society in collaboration with PatnaBeats.

The elementary motive of Kindled Youth is to educate the underprivileged & needy. The society would not be able to progress until and unless all its sects are literate and educated. The organization also set up libraries for students where all types of books are available.
The Kindled Youth is running several programmes like ‘Books for All’ under which more than 70,000 books and stationaries worth Rs 12 lakhs are already donated to needy people in last 2 years. Beside this, this organization also organizes several quick relief camps during disasters in BIHAR .The organization has currently running three libraries with UNICEF and in motion to setup more libraries in near future to promote education and also to increase basic standard of education of our society .

We intend to share the burden of the students who have to shell out a lot of money for fulfilling their educational needs, comprising of paying tution fees and buying books etc.”, said Mr.Avinash Kumar of Kindled Youth.

The other organization is an online bookstore providing wide range of books at low price with books on demand facilities in Bihar. This organization is currently running two different programmes ‘Kalyanam & Prakasham’ where they are organizing book donation camps for the underprivileged & needy children’s of the society. The camp named ‘Kalyanam’ is organised twice a month. The books are taken from different schools and colleges and given to the underprivileged & needy children’s of the society. The information of the donor is mentioned in the book and a photograph of the person to whom the book is given is mailed to the donor. Not only this, a sapling is also given to every buyer free of cost when they are buying any books from site. The objective of this campaign is also to spread awareness among the people towards the environment. My goal is to see Bihar one of the greenest & cleanest state in India. We aspire not only to nurture minds but nature as well”, said Mr.Gaurav Prakash of who is a BIT pass out himself and is doing a commendable job by devoting his precious time for the development of the youth and the society.

This book donation camp is a joint venture of Kindled Youth and The next campaign is to held on 2nd October,2016 at Gandhi Maidan, Patna under the statue of Gandhiji. The motive behind this chosen date for the campaign is that Gandhiji was a revolutionist and the members of kindled youth and also intend to bring about a revolution in the society through this venture of theirs. Apart from spreading awareness for education, they also intend to spread awareness for the upliftment of the underprivileged. The books available in this campaign would be such that people of all ages would be able to benefit.

This campaign is being organised in collaboration with PatnaBeats, as we have always motivated and supported youth and their inspiring movements/activities. We believe that the people behind this initiative are doing a commendable job and they should be encouraged by all means so that they become a source of inspiration for the others. Since this campaign is entirely associated with social upliftment, we consider it our duty to spread awareness about this and bring home the motive of this campaign, that is, education for all.
We make an earnest request to our readers as well as the others to become a part of this campaign. Please collect all the books you have gone through each pages infinite times. Share the joy of reading, share the joy of being a reader and come to our counter on 2nd October at Gandhi Maidan, Patna between 3-6pm. Help change someone’s life, help change the society.

Contact :
Avinash: +91 8083137213
Gaurav: +91 8873003388