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Bollywood’s music company Saregama steps into Bihar’s Bhojpuri music industry

To give Bhojpuri music a new zenith Bollywood Music Company Saregama has taken an initiative to organize concerts outside Bihar in different other states. Vikram Mehra, MD of Saregama had briefed about the decision of stepping into the Bhojpuri music industry.

On being asked about Bhojpuri music attaining the status of Bollywood, he replied, ever since digitization has touched lives content of different languages is easily accessible, so why not take Bhojpuri to a new level so that the good content could reach a broad audience across the nation.

Furthermore, answering the question on the release of Bhojpuri movies and songs on a small scale despite getting shot outside the nation, he says the work Saregama did for the Bollywood music industry would now be done for the Bhojpuri music industry, as well. While appreciating the three songs trending on youtube he says who would have thought 2-3 years back that Bhojpuri music would be in the top ten trending music on youtube.

On clarifying the common perspective of Bhojpuri cinema having obscenity and a ban against obscenity he said, that one’s child is always taken as unworthy despite the capability it holds within and other’s unworthy would forever be worthy in our eyes same is the story with Bhojpuri Film Industry and talking about the obscenity he says only content viewed by the family could make money, and what is obscene would remain obscene irrespective of the language and such content can never make money and would fade away with time.

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