Bindeshwar Pathak, A Man Who Brought Hygiene Revolution!


Bindeshwar Pathak is among one of the most popular faces of our country who belongs to the soil of Bihar. He is always being under the shadow with the dedication towards hygiene and sanitation and works for the well being of our society and environment. Dr. Pathak is a famous Indian sociologist and social entrepreneur, who is also the Brand Ambassador for Swachh Rail Mission of Indian Railways.

He promotes human rights, environmental sanitation, waste management and social reforms, in India and other countries by educating people all around through his own start-up “Sulabh International”. Dr. Pathak is the founder of Sulabh International Movement in India. Most importantly, he is always willing to try his level best to educate people about personal and environmental hygiene and why is it so important.

Bindeshwar Pathak has received many awards for his social work be it National or International. He was presented with awards, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award and Padma Bhushan. Dr. Pathak was born and brought up in the state Bihar. Being an Sociology student, he graduated from the Bananas Hindu University and did his masters and PhD from the University of Patna. He is a great writer along with being an amazing speaker, majorly works for social progress around the world.

In his initial stage he signifies his work by joining Bhangi-Mukti Cell of the Bihar Gandhi Centenary Celebrations committee. Moreover, he has to travel all around India for his research work. He was also the MP of Bhagalpur in Indian National Congress. Later he stablished his own Social Service Organisation, “Sulabh International”. There he stood for the people of slums and villages where they needed proper sanitation and stablished toilet systems where needed. His concern and dedication towards his work improved the health of millions of people.

In the year 2014, BBC featured Sulabh technology and described Dr. Pathak as, “Internationally recognised sanitation pioneer”. His major aim was to improve the living standard of the unprivileged people. He also got the title of Stockholm Water Prize,2009.

Dr. Pathak is also the founder of “Sulabh International Museum of toilets”. The museum with unique concept is famous worldwide and is becoming the center of attraction. There are millions of people in India who lack basic sanitation facilities and don’t have proper access to hygiene toilet and Dr. Pathak’s main aim is to improve India’s sanitation sector and provide a clear environment to everyone.