Bihar's heart to beat in Bengal: 17-years-old Rohit donated his organs

Bihar’s heart to beat in Bengal: 17-years-old Rohit donated his organs

An unfortunate accident provided a new lease of life to six people. 17-year-old Rohit, a resident of Muzaffarpur, met with an accident on Tarma Road. He was immediately rushed to Indra Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna. Rohit was declared brain dead on 17th March 2020. His family devastated by their son’s condition still managed to keep a strong front while making a crucial decision of donating Rohit’s organs. They were quick to give a written confirmation for the same. Their decision wouldn’t be in vain as Rohit would continue to live on even after death as his organs would provide new lives to six people.

It is rightly said an end is just another beginning. 

His heart was transported to Patna Airport through the green corridor within 3.5 minutes. His heart was transplanted to a 40-year-old man, a native of West Bengal. The transplant happened in Kolkata itself, whereas his liver was transplanted in a 47-year-old man. His kidneys and cornea were kept safe in the organ bank as further transplants were scheduled for 19th March 2020. The kidneys would be donated to a man in Fulwari Sharif while his cornea would brighten the lives of two people.

First liver transplant in IGIMS, Patna.

The first-ever liver transplant was successfully carried out at IGIMS, Patna. It was much appreciated and added new heights to the pre-existing stature of the hospital. The patient originally belonging to Ranchi was admitted to Delhi, waiting for a donor for the past four years. He was brought to Patna via an air ambulance. The operation went on late at night. Manish Mandal, a hospital superintendent said that the outcome of the operation would be vivid within 48 hours.

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An act of kindness goes a long way!

It goes without saying that the gift of life stands unmatched. This way you can make it to eternity. One donor can save eight lives, you read it right! One donor is capable of impacting about eight lives by donating their organs and tissues. Anyone can bring about a change by being a potential donor. People generally donate organs in case of brain death or circulatory death. You can choose to donate your organ posthumously while you’re still alive. For more details on organ donation and insights on how to become a donor, you can visit the following link: There’s no end to kindness, do your bit and change lives. 

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