Bihar's Garhbaneli Dussehra fair remained confined to the pages of history

Bihar’s Garhbaneli Dussehra fair remained confined to the pages of history

India is filled with festive opportunities almost all year long with fine weather. These days, the festival season is in full swing. It is Dussehra/Navratri, to be followed by Diwali shortly.

However, with the change in time, the way of celebration is getting modified. In a nutshell, festivals are all about money. If one can earn money beyond his expectations any time during the year, then it becomes a festival for them.

A lot of people go on international tours to celebrate festivals. But this is again a costly affair. Rituals and customs are retreating, and shopping is getting the better of it. People are finding no fun in browsing the motions of ritualistic procedures. The emphasis is on genuine fun and entertainment.

But regardless of the fame of the Garhbaneli Dussehra Mela had attained, it had later been confined to the pages of history. Even today people are fascinated by the imagination of that fair. This fair, which took place in a very special way, has preserved its existence in Bihar.

The Garhbaneli Dussehra Mela was started in the 1920s by the late Raja Ramanand Singh. Even at that time, the worship was finished with a special ritual Tantric method.

At the identical time, the king also took a vow of sacrifice to keep this method, which matches on even today. The form of worship was linked to the fair. It got plenty of fame as Siddhapeeth. Even today people reach Garhbaneli to enjoy the fair along with fulfilling their wishes.

Seeing the celebrity of the fair organized by the late Raja Ramanand Singh, world-renowned litterateur Phanishwar Nath Renu wrote the story of the Garhbaneli fair, and thus the third Kasam film was also made supporting it.

At that time, various sorts of sports, spectacles and means of entertainment were familiar within the fair. Within which cinema, circus, nautanki, death well, swing and shopkeepers selling all kinds of things were involved. Even today people are carrying the glory of that fair within the past.

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