Bihar’s fishermen to get Kisan Credit Card

The government of Bihar has come up with new initiatives which will give a boost to rural economic activities of the state like fishing. Fishers of the state will have the provision to attain Kisan Credit Card for token money of mere rupee one. Animal and fishery resources department of Bihar led by honourable minister Dr.Prem Kumar has announced several initiatives for the betterment of fishery sector in the annual general meeting held at Vidyapati Bhavan, Patna.


Along with the facility of Kisan credit card, the government will be forgiving debts of fishers who have faced losses due to natural disasters like the level of pond dropping for an extended time period or ponds drying up due to drought. Also, the government along with representatives of the department will have a meeting conducted every month which will take up issues related to fishers and find apt solutions to them. Apart from this feeder will be installed in ponds to avoid water problems for the whole year.

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The fisheries sector has an important role in the overall development of Bihar. It is positioned 12th biggest fisheries resources in India which have engaged the 3rd place in inland fish production and 6th in fish water seeds production within India. Despite this, fish supply is short of demand in the state. The state officials hope that Kisan Credit Card to fisheries will facilitates fishers to have better cash flow and improve credibility thus improving on business growth.

Fishes are easily digestible protein source and a good source of vitamin B and iodine. The liver of the fish is a good supply of vitamin A and D. It is a nutritious food and can be easily made available to a maximum number of people. The most important factors which are responsible for causing interruption of fisheries progress in the state is the lack of knowledge about scientific fish culture, illiteracy and disorganized extension linkages amongst fishermen community. There is a need for creating knowledge about the emerging development in aquaculture technology among the fishers of the state. By adopting these technologies via the facility of Kisan Credit Card, fishers will be able to improve their fishing culture.
With these initiatives taken by the Bihar government, we hope to see improve the standard of living of the fishers of the state.

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