Bihar's first Michelin-style Indian restaurant

Bihar’s first Michelin-style Indian restaurant is now open | CILANTRO India

Food and culture play an important role in the development of any city. Our city is in the developing phase, and along with the metro construction, we have more to offer to visitors and even the city dwellers. Adding a new flavour to the good dine-in spaces in Patna, we bring your attention to one of the busiest market areas of Patna, which has got its connectivity through the longest flyover. The place is developing like never before, away from its clothing stores and pharmaceuticals. In this developing phase, the successful team of Cookbook Patna gifts the city with its new outlet at Rajabazar, Bailey Road, Patna. The team is now familiar with the taste buds of the public of Patna, and they know what the people demand. As Henry Joseph-Grant quotes,

“You can’t skip what’s important!”, then why not invest in something fresh and exhilarating?

The restaurant is called “CILANTRO-Essence of Indian Kitchen” to keep the Indian flavours alive. CILANTRO means coriander, which is a major spice supplement in Indian cuisine, and spices are an Indian food speciality. Cilantro catches the attention not just by its name, but with its great ambience, food and the unique vibe it has created.

3rd floor, R K Estate, Raja Bazar is now Bihar’s 1st Michelin-style restaurant. It is the food that drags us to any dine-in place. We always crave good food with some new experiment to try. That new experiment is CILANTRO’s self-created recipes. The customers can have something neoteric on their platter. To satisfy any foodie soul, they have added some tasty hot sellers: Ricotta Lamb Rack in Tortilla Bread and Calamourised Walnut Murgh Tikka. This place is perfect for a family dinner with kids. As we say, with kids, we always worry about their choice of food. CILANTRO has kept this in consideration and presented a different menu for kids, curated according to their taste buds and food interests. If one wishes for a  Chinese platter among the crowd, that’s not an issue inside R K Estate. This Indian kitchen has a separate menu for Chinese meals.

Besides food, the ambience compels the public to visit any restaurant. CILANTRO’s interior is a visual treat which gives the feel of an Indian bistro style. A comfy space with perfect lighting sets the mood for relaxation and enjoyment. Apart from that, CILANTRO opens a spacious seating area and unique wall designs. The interiors have kept much more in their collection. Starting from a smoking zone to a private dining room for family or business lunch, with a capacity of 25 in each section. An open roof lodge for 190 people with an open party space to hold small or big celebrations. It seems like CILANTRO is a one-stop solution, as it even adds a separate baby feeding room for mothers and infants, a unique concept in the town.

‘ After closely observing the youth and public culture of Patna, I had a dream to open an all-in-one outlet for the people here. I made sure not just youth but corporates and family too get their space with the personal choice of food.” says the founder and Ceo Ritesh Chaudhary who has 19 years of experience in the hotel industry.  He holds a lifetime membership in the World Association Chef Society along with HACCP Certification. He came up with CILANTRO in partnership with Manjeet Singh & Uday Shankar Verma. Ritesh has been in the food and hotel business for the past few years, and even though he has worked across the world, his love for his hometown brought him here. He believes in innovations and experiments in taste and leisure, so he has designed a self curated menu for CILANTRO.  Talking about this self-curated menu, he says “ We just need to believe in taking risk of experiments and Patna welcomes new innovations wholeheartedly.”

What else entices any individual to sit for hours besides food and ambience? The team has noticed people enjoying live music with delicious food and their pals. CILANTRO presents live music during dinner every day except Tuesdays. Daniel, the vocalist who is all set to rock the stage, shared his experience as a city dweller, ” I loved the food especially. I can say it was incredibly tasty. My favourite area is the open rooftop, which is very spacious comparatively. If I talk about my section of Live Music, I also enjoy performing there as I get a good audience to cheer me up.” This dine-in space has already attracted the cool influencers of the town. It has become a go- to space for RJs as well as many food bloggers/ vloggers.

The idea and vision of serving the best taste with solving other dine-in issues make CILANTRO one of its kind in the city. Patnabeats found the place alluring and the food appetizing, and the team recommends its reader have this experience and choose the best. Isn’t it what anyone wishes,  an ambience to plan any random dinner or a get-together lunch, a coffee and snacks in the open area? Music that brightens up the dinner date or a place where even a small child feels at ease. CILANTRO-Essence of Indian Kitchen handles the needs of every age group and is ready to serve the people of Patna. We suggest our readers mark a date on their calendar and visit CILANTRO with their friends and family.

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