Biharins, an exhibition celebrating the women artists of Bihar

Contributed by nine Bihari women, a five-day art exhibition aptly named ‘Biharins’ began at Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir on this Wednesday. Each one of the 9 artists had a different story to tell through their paint brushes. Every art-piece exhibitioned there reflected women-centric themes in an aesthetic way.  While some of them portayed really intensive tales like The power behind the Lathi of Mahatma Gandhi and recently happened Muzaffarpur shelter home case, some were there to sooth a chaotic mind by reflecting Open Eye Meditation.

The nine Biharins portraying their art and keeping Bihar’s head are:

  1. Anita Kumari
  2. Archana Sinha
  3. Archana Kumar
  4.  Binita Singh
  5. Minakshi Jha Banarjee
  6. Sangita
  7. Satya Sarth
  8. Smita Parashar
  9. Soma Anand

Patna Art college’s ex principal and senior-most artist Shyam Sharma was also present there to appreciate and encourage these nine women-artists. Talking to PatnaBeats he said,

“This initiative, taken by these nine amazingly talented artists, is awesome. I’m eager to see more such initiatives in Patna and can’t wait to wake up to that Day when artists won’t be explaining their piece to visitors. The aim is to develop a sense of art in Patna so that like any other metro city’s exhibition, visitors can have their own interpretation of art.”

Anita Kumari, one of the nine artists, portrayed her artworks named Celebration, Pocket of Desire, Genesis, Songs of Whisper and Manjusha. She is profoundly ingrained in depicting mass society, nature, culture, landscape profusely abundant in Bihar.

pc: Surya Prakash Rana

Archana Sinha, best known for her block printing in Graphics in Bihar, also presented five of her artistic production and a fibre sculpture of traditional grinding stone or aata chakki having the handle made in the shape of Mahatma Gandhi’s laathi which is shown to be held by the hands of Kasturba Gandhi. This particular piece of art garnered a lot of  attention because that’s symbolic of the power behind the energy of Mahatma Gandhi and depicts a feminist perspective.

Archana Kumar, known for portraying the complexities of the era, has also showcased five of her beautiful creations named Mystique Beauty, Steps, Bapu, Sadashiva, and Enlightenment. Her Enlightenment is based on the life of monks.

Binita Singh, a dedicated painter, presented her wonderful creations like Udbhav, Srijan, Musical Maestro and Kaymuni Buddha.

Meenakshi Jha Banarjee, a well-known contemporary painter, showcased a realist view on conditions  of women through her paintings named Maukaparast and Kathputli. Maukaparast showed an opputunist side of patriarchy and how they have got multiple faces for multiple situations. There were few lines attached to it which said,

रंगसाज़ों के बीच

दमकते लिबास में

मौका परस्त

आदम या मानव


चौड़े फ्रेम में

दो धागे के बल

तंगी दीवार पर

चमकती लाइट तले”

Her other paintings include Sakshi or ‘witness’ which depicted the old-Indian belief of witnessing the marriage of a couple. Kathputli was one of her masterpieces which literally means ‘puppet’ which is a satire on Indian Patriarchy about how they seem to control a women’s wishes. She also portayed Aparajita series of painting which explained about the unbeatable source of power which a woman has.

Sangita, a discreet artist, portrayed another perception of society and landscapes. In her Fantasyland series she explained about the silence after destruction and mayhem.

Satya Sarth portrayed an imaginary transient world of her own. Her painting that are showcased in the exhibition were Inner View, Adrishya Satya, Beyond the Wall, Man ka Dar and Khoj Jari Hai. Among them, Khoj Jari Hai was a question on Bihari society that what happened to the land where Buddha  got enlightened and Gandhi started his revolution? The search of thought of Gandhi and Buddha will be continued till it’s found.

Smita Parashar portrayed a soothing view of glorious past of Bihar by her paintings Buddha and Women with Nature which emphasizes on rural life that’s embedded in woman and nature.

Soma Anand a self-taught artist with no formal training in art works in contemporary art with elements of Madhubani/Mithila folk art. Being a native of Mithila, this gives her a sense of belonging and completeness and connect her to core. She portayed her Meditation series of paintings explaining the meaning of Open Eye Meditation and finds her childhood in her paintings through her Wo Bachpan series.

Talking to PatnaBeats she said,

“ Biharis has archived a lot of artistic capabilities inside them. There are so many wonderful artists but lack of audience makes it difficult to earn through art. People are ready to spend Rs.20,000 on a dress but finds a painting worth Rs. 10,000 expensive. This mentality needs to change.”

This exhibition ‘Biharins’ wil be there till 9th September,2018, if you’re willing to experience something profound this weekend you must visit Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir.




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Quote of the day: “Creativity takes courage” -Henri Matisse.