When A Bihari Policewoman Became Agent “Nyanthara” To Nab A Mastermind Criminal

Madhubala Devi

The happy-looking police officer with the arrested gangster


When it comes to police officers and their wity actions in Bihar, one name that comes to every body’s mind is that of Shivdeep Lande. The famous Incident when he posed as a woman in sari to trap a corrupt police officer red-handed is still fresh in the minds of the people of Bihar.

Now get ready to brace another amazingly witty and intelligent police officer from Bihar. However, this time around there is a reversal in roles. It’s a lady officer, ASI Madhubala Devi who turned her wit quotient one notch above the normal to nab a notorious gangster from Darbhanga.

Background Of The Story

An expensive mobile phone belonging to a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Sanjay Kumar Mahato was lost. It was assumed to be stolen. Following which a formal complaint was registered with the Darbhanga police. Subsequently, the case was handed to Madhubala Devi, the assistant sub-inspector of police.

Madhubala Devi

Lady police officer’s fake profile picture that trapped the gangster

Plan Of Action

A close scrutiny of the call detail records (CDR) of the stolen mobile found that the mobile was still being used by one Mohammad Hasnain. It was later found that he is a notorious gangster operating in North Bihar.

The police tried to arrest him many times but he managed to escape each time. When things started to get out of hands, Sharp-witted Madhubala Devi devised a plan to nab the criminal.

She started posing as a girl who was interested in a love affair with Hasnain. The officer started calling him at regular intervals for the fake love to prosper. Initially, Hasnain showed no interest but soon this love spelled jail-time for him as he fell into the trap.

Hasnain, now deeply in love with the lady officer’s way of talking, asked her to send him her photograph. It is here that Madhubala’s wit went one notch above the normal. She smartly set her profile picture as south Indian super-heroine Nayanthara. And he fell for her.

The Final Assault

On being asked about the entire process, Madhubala Devi said, “He appeared mad with joy after seeing the photograph and agreed to meet me at a place in Darbhanga town. Finally when he reached the designated place, we arrested him with the help of other policemen in civilian clothes.”

Devi was dressed in a burqa and hence Hasnain couldn’t identify her. During the interrogation, he confessed to his crime but said that he had bought the stolen mobile for Rs 4,500 from another criminal. Based on the information provided, the second accused was arrested by the police on Wednesday.

Reward For Madhubala Devi

Following the news of this well crafted and equally well executed plan, the police department in the state has now announced a reward for Devi for her quick thinking.


source: Gulf News

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