Bihari Identity | A matter of pride or shame?

It is not a hidden fact that for a long time now, Biharis have migrated to different parts of India and world as well. While some of them migrated willfully in search of better jobs, education and opportunities, some of them did so under family influence and many other reasons. As and when they moved, they carried their traditions and even their distinctive way of talking with them. Other than this, they brought with them, their habit of hard work and the attitude of not giving up, owing to which many Biharis have brought laurels to the Bihari identity in almost all forms of profession.

If one starts counting the eminent personalities of Bihar and their contribution to the country in the last century, chances are that one would probably lose track of the count, but would certainly not run out of names. And we are not even considering the Glorious past which had emperors like Asoka the Great and spiritual leaders like Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha.

But it has also been seen that many Bihari’s hesitate to carry forward the same tradition or even the Bihari accent as they move out of the state. As one leaves the border of Bihar, the hums turn into mains.

PatnaBeats’ intention is not to condemn this one particular act as it could be individual’s choice. But what is not appreciable is the act of not even accepting the fact that one is from Bihar.

Through this video, team Feelpankh wants to highlight this issue. Bibhu Nandan Singh, an engineer by profession but an artist by choice, tries to enlighten the same fire in you with this video in a pure Bihari accent. The accent which he is not embarrassed of while travelling to Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi. And more importantly this video isn’t just for a Biharis but for those all who try to change with the place he / she moves in. After all imbibing new culture is not bad but killing yours is sinister. Watch the video yourself and keep respecting the BIHARI in You.