Bihari Holi memories that you will totally agree to

Holi, the festival of colors and the festival of sharing love has imprinted memories in the hearts of everyone.

Here are some of the Bihari Holi memories that will surely make you nostalgic:

  • No one holds grudges with anyone and fun is made of everyone.

No Grudges

Shying away at first and enjoying  carelessly after getting drenched in colors for once.


  • The delicious and mouth watering Bihari cuisine that every mother prepares leaves no time even to wash hands before trying them. Yum! 


Have you tried eating them ‘chori-chori’ ?


  • Bhaang and Thandai complete the celebrations even more joyfully.


Everyone of us wanted to have one as a child. Didn’t we?


  • Kurta Faad Holi. Enough Said!  

kurta faad1

Smiling while getting scolded : Oddly satisfying!


  •  Wandering all through the streets in Toli and applying colors to everyone in way screaming ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’ !

toli baloon holi pichkari1

Pichkari, Water Balloons, Colored disguised faces have always been the weapons!


  • Even when the colors run out, we groove ourselves to the beat and enjoy till someone comes to call. 

play anyone and everyone1

Music isn’t needed to dance and enjoy!

Took you down to the memory lane. Didn’t we?

Share the love and let us know your favorite Holi memory!

Jogira Sa Ra Ra Ra

Happy Holi 

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