Bihari Filmmakers making "Hindi Feature Film" in Bihar by crowdfunding

Bihari Filmmakers making “Hindi Feature Film” in Bihar by crowdfunding

First Look of the movie “Tridev”

” Dialogue mat do…. Hero ban rahe ho…. Film ka bukhar chadha hai”

When it comes to Bihari Films, we have limited options of films to watch. Young Bihari Filmmakers are trying to make a significant impact towards delivering quality cinema.

Cinema is an integral part of our lives, and our thoughts have largely been shaped by whatever the 70 mm screen and film has displayed.
Stichting Frames Entertainment pvt. ltd.
is documenting this effect in the form of a romantic comedy film which is fictional but tells the story of a generation inspired by the big screen.
The movie, titled “Tridev” is a story of three boys who are fantasized a lot by cinema is shot in rural Bihar. Tridev is a story of 3 boys from a small village in Bihar who live the movies they watch. For them family relations are filmy, falling in love is filmy, loosing love is filmy and come back is definitely filmy.
This movie is directed by Abhinav Jha, an aspiring film maker hailing from Bihar.

Bihari Films
Behind the scene of shooting undergoing

In conversation with PatnaBeats, Abhinav Jha told that “Tridev” is completely a “Make in Bihar” movie. The cast male leads Ajay , Rahul and Utkarsh are from Bihar and the female lead (which is yet to be disclosed) is definitely from Bihar. The complete shooting of the movie is undergoing in different locations of Bihar. Nowadays, Young filmmakers are trying to make some quality Bihari Films.

First look of the movie was released a few weeks back which was widely appreciated and praised.

Watch the teaser –

Bihari Film Shooting
A still from the film

The shooting stalled due to COVID 19 pandemic. Subsequent and intermittent lockdowns took a heavy toll on the fund raising for the movie and the crew dispersed in search for livelihood. They have now started crowd funding to meet all the expenses.

To Donate

“We are completely overwhelmed with the positive support that we are receiving”
, said Abhinav on being asked about whether people are donating funds.

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