Bihari farmer turns entrepreneur, makes 90 lakhs in a year from fishery business

Hailing from Motihari district of Bihar, farmer Yatindra Kashyap is raking in lakhs of rupees through fishery. While most farmers are finding it difficult to financially succeed in farming, farmers like Yatindra are inspiring others to take up fishery.

The government of Bihar has been encouraging fishery and is contributing 50 percent of the capital needed to build the pond for rearing fish. The amount required to build a pond for fishery is nearly Rs 12-15 lakh. However, there are many who are willing to take this risk as the return on investment is also high.

Yatindra says that when he started five years ago, he had to go through many struggles as he was not very well-aware of the business practices and farming methodologies in this field. However, he gradually learned with time and has now succeeded in making a good profit.

Since Yatindra lacked the required knowledge in the beginning, he began gathering more information. After discussions with a number of experts, he learned that introducing new techniques in fish farming would turn out to be more profitable.

Yatindra realised that the new-born fish from hatchery are priced at nearly Rs 5 lakh each. If five such fish are taken from the hatchery in a month, then the monthly income would amount to Rs 20 lakh. The demand for these fish in the market lasts for six months.

Yatindra rears 50 tonnes of fish in 25 acres of pond, and earns nearly Rs 75 lakh through this. He has inspired many in his village to take up fishery as a profession. Since there is an abundance of water resources in this area, the farmer here can decently profit through this business.

With the government’s keen interest in promoting fishery, the concerned departments have actively started searching for small water bodies which are suitable for fish farming. Since the weather conditions and water resources are favourable for fishery, the government initiative can prove to be extremely helpful for the farmers in Bihar.


Source: Yourstory

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