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From the sub-nation Bihar comes a different class of human beings called ‘Biharis’. One which is judged from its formative pictures- The picture which hasn’t changed in decades-  The picture which has only been portrayed in Black and White.

But there are many pictures which need to be redrawn. There are many colors which need to be brought into the picture. Ergo, here are some points which have been there for some time now and need to reconsidered.

Mythbusters Bihar


MYTH 1:  Biharis invented “Gaalis”

We don’t use expletives with each sentence we speak. – Neither do we use ‘F’ word and ‘C’ words for referring people from other states.

You’ll be happy to know, no gaali is patented to any Bihari. Yes, like everybody else, we too abuse when we are angry, but we are not known to invent any such cuss word.


MYTH 2: Bihar ranks first in terms of crime rate

Everyone here in Bihar doesn’t own a gun. – We are peace loving. We are from the land where Buddha got his enlightenment. Remember!

MYTH 3: Bihari has an accent

Not all of us but most of us have an accent. – Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi do have one too. & if that’s not funny, ours is not funny either.


MYTH 4: Bihari can not speak in English

We do have English medium schools with English teacher. – We are not poor in English. There are authors like Satyapal Chandra , Amitava Kumar , R. K. Sinha , Tabish Khair and many more from our land who are flooding the country with their bestseller novels.



MYTH 5: Biharis do not respect women

We respect woman. We are against female infanticide. – We don’t burn our wives and daughter in law for dowry. We educate our girl child as much as our male kid (& sometimes even more.)


MYTH 6 Biharis are uneducated:

After agriculture, we love education the most. – The farmers here never sell their land for business or luxury but for educating their kids.


MYTH 7: Biharis’ are orthodox

We are progressive thinkers.- We allow our kids to have friends of opposite gender and marry someone of their choice.


MYTH 8: We cheat in our exams

We are against the use of unfair means in exams too. – If all of us would have passed exams only by using unfair means then Bihar would not have been the state with one of the highest numbers of IITians but the only state with IITians. (Yes! We make that much engineer every year.)



MYTH 9: Biharis love corruption

Corruption is hated by us as much as rest of India. – Chara ghotala happened here, so did Vyapam in Madhya Pradesh and CWG scam in Delhi. It’s everywhere. It’s the people not the state.

MYTH 10: Biharis are Labour

We don’t only hold B grade jobs and work as laborers.- We have IAS, IPS, PO and many other person having elite jobs. And then a Bihari was the first president of India.

MYTH 11: Biharis are unhygienic and filthy people

The slow pace of economic development, the highest density of population, caste based politics and lack of educational opportunities forced the natives of Bihar to migrate. With no skills or qualifications, majority  ended up as a labor, field worker, rickshaw puller etc. Meager income, responsibilities at home and increase in the cost of living made them live at slums and challs. But they are not “filthy” or “unhygienic”


MYTH 12: Biharis’ are what they show in Bhojpuri movies

This is like telling since “Mihir” died and re-died million times and “Tulsi” married and re-married a thousand times in “Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”; every Mihir and Tulsi does that. Movies are based on fiction and all they contain is drama. People should not judge others by that parameters.

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Shikha Sinha

Chartered Accountant by profession. A multifarious free lancer with interest varying from reading, writing to travelling and teaching. A feminist and activist in her own simple and non-debatable way. She believes in continuous process of learning and has several questions running in her mind all the time.

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josh crooner
6 years ago

Nice blog! keep’m coming 😉

6 years ago

Wonderful. Loving It..! 🙂

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