Bihari Bros To Get Honor By The U.S. Government
Freedoms Foundation

Bihari Bros To Get Honored By The U.S. Government

Freedoms Foundation

The two scholars of Bihar, the ‘Bihari siblings’ Mirza Rizwan and Mirza Faizan have been chosen for the renowned public honor of the US, ‘The George Washington Honor Medal’. The award dedicated by the Freedoms Foundation who promotes responsible citizenship, character, and freedom. The two brothers have been chosen for the honor in acknowledgment of their endeavors to teach imaginative abilities in school through their advancement program, dedicated DiscoverSTEM.

The Mirza siblings said they have coached around 200 students from the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Malaysia, India, China, Mexico, and Middle-East among different nations at the DiscoverSTEM Innovation Lab at Dallas, Texas, which has helped to establish by the duo. The Mirza siblings belong to the Samanpura area in Patna.

Rizwan is a management academic and expert with an interest in development. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in ‘Advancement and corporate maintainability’ and at present working with an innovation MNC as boss development official, driving and overseeing development groups and exercises for the organization around the world. He assesses the patentability and commercialization capability of advancements made by understudies at DiscoverSTEM.


Faizan, younger sibling to Rizwan, who is an aviation researcher and the innovator of the Ground Reality Information Processing System (GRIPS), a development to forestall runway attack and distinguish unfamiliar articles and runways progressively. He at present lives in Texas. The two brothers have achieved great heights at a very young age.

Making their families proud, they said they are greatly honored by this award for educational development and acknowledged each and everyone who was a part of their project. The Freedoms Foundation, in its letter to the Mirza brothers regarding the award, stated that their efforts to turn students into innovators and to establish a school to help students succeed exemplify the essence of the award. The award would be presented to the Mirza brothers in a ceremony in Dallas next year.

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