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Bihar to get QR codes to save trees

We all know about QR codes. We have seen these Quick Response (QR) codes on the boxes of various products, on brochures, and on leaflets for online payment options. But it is interesting to  know that now these codes will be used to protect the trees in many cities of India. Not only this, but one can get every information regarding the trees through a software application. Municipal Corporations of many developed cities including Delhi and Indore has started to work on this new project . In Bihar, this project will pick the pace from woods of Rajgir and Valmikinagar. It has been said that one can easily get to know the geographical and historical aspects of every tree with an application  on mobile phone. It may be possible that in next three months, the counting of the trees will start. In the process ,following informations will be documented :-

  1. Counting of every tree in the particular area.
  2. Location of the trees on map.
  3. Thickness of their trunk.
  4. Canopy of the trees.
  5. Species of the trees.
  6. Age of the trees.
  7. Season when they bear flowers & fruit.

After the documentation of all these information, its digitization process will  carry out .Interesting fact about these codes are that these are designed to get response in no-time. A scanner can read these codes even when the dots are erased up to 30%. One can easily scan these codes using smart phones & get all available information.

QR codes on trees

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What are the benefits?QR codes

During Road Constructions, the company will already know about the numbers and location of the trees. The exact figures can lead to shape the construction projects accordingly. In area with dense greenery, it would help in planning garden waste. This documentation will inform about the areas with fewer trees and will assist in plantation of trees in those areas.

Neshamani K of District forest Department said, “For counting and safeguarding trees we are planning to work on QR code project. Any android user will easily get to know all the details regarding the trees. QR code scanning will let you know about age and other information regarding the trees.”


QR codes

Globally, forest cover is one-third less than what it once was and global deforestation continues at 18 million hectares per year. This indiscriminate felling of trees, needs to be undertaken on a large scale to reverse the ill effects of deforestation and restore the ecological balance.Global Warming is a bio concern for the world. It is vital to protect and plant more trees. This natural phenomenon is leading towards the climate change throughout the globe. In this case, this project would certainly help in saving trees. Every tree will be monitored via GPS mapping and due to this the corporation can easily get to know if any tree will be cut or falls due to any reason. Moreover, the Municipal Corporation will found it easy to remove a fallen tree due to storms. This project would certainly prove beneficial to everyone, the government, the administration and the public.

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