Bihar to bring bill for conservation of ground water
Water Conservation

Bihar to bring bill for conservation of ground water

Central Government of India along with Chief Minister of Bihar have planned to bring a bill in the ongoing Monsoon session of the state assembly regarding the conservation of groundwater. This initiative has been taken with the concern of running out of drinking water in the state.
As per the sources, it has been said that the bill will be brought in the assembly very soon. Through this, better management and conservation of groundwater will be ensured. The passage of the bill will regulate water use as well as it’ll also focus on water conservation by digging out ponds and cleaning choked water bodies to recharge the groundwater.

Water Conservation


On Monday, in Bihar Assembly, minor irrigation minister, Narendra Narayan Yadav said, “This year itself, a total of 202 water bodies will be renovated and activated. 90 per cent of the work on this project has already been completed.”

“Just look at Darbhanga, known as a city of ponds, now reeling under severe water crisis,” the Chief Minister of Bihar said.Apart from digging ponds, the government has also planned to construct check dams on small rivers to store water for longer, he added.

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The government of Bihar is currently working on a renovation of 1,389 water bodies, a majority of which have been encroached by local villagers for construction work.280 out of 534 blocks of Bihar is facing a critical shortage of potable groundwater whereas 183 blocks are severely affected.The government has now ordered into operation 35,000 hand pumps that were not working due to technical issues. Potable water is being supplied to affected areas through 490 tankers.

Water Conservation
In Bihar, many rivers have dried up and the groundwater level has gone down even in water-rich north Bihar despite the huge tract of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The groundwater level has gone an average 39 metres down in southern Bihar. This explains the seriousness of the situation of water shortage in the state.Roughly nine districts of the state are such where the water crisis has become very severe with a sharp fall in groundwater level. It includes Nalanda, the home district of chief minister Nitish Kumar, Sheikhpura, Aurangabad, Gaya, Jehanabad, Nawada, Kaimur, Lakhisarai and Jamui as per the Public Health and Engineering Department.

A couple of decades before, Bihar used to be a water surplus state but the things have deteriorated with a good pace. It is appreciable that the government took the concern towards this serious issue and looking forward to work on it.

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