Bihar successfully celebrated second Transgender Cultural Festival

The most awaited event of the town had its fullest on Friday evening at Ravindra Bhawan, Patna. An evening with gratifying performances , glorified personalities and glittering faces, all marked a remarkable history in Bihar’s Cultural Background.
‘Transgender Cultural Festival’ noted various dignitaries working on this cultural background:
– Shiv Chandra Ram, Minister Art, Culture &Youth, Bihar
– LaxmiNarayan Tripathi, Kinner Akhada Head, Indore
– Shri Ajay Kumar, DM, Patna
– Satya Prakash Mishra, Director , Culture, Bihar
– Shashank Shekhar Sinha, ADM, Patna
-Dr Mamta Mehrotra, Writer
– P.N.Singh, Director, Doodashan
-Ratna Purkayastha, DD
– Suman Kumar , Theatre Director and Actor
Transgender Cultural Festival, the colorful festival started with the ‘Deep Enlightenment’ by the present guests of the evening followed by a CD release of a documemtry film- The Veera(Untold Story) “The Veera – Untold story is a struggle story based on the life of a PWC transgender student Veera, the film has a good production team from Bihar supported by Members from Dostana Safar”.
Honorable Minister, Shiv Chandra Ram , Youth Art and Culture Department Bihar feels overjoyed in being the initiator of this great step in Bihar from last year.The people from Bihar wholeheartedly welcomed the Head Of Kinner Akhada ‘ MahaMandleshwar Laxmi Narayan Tripathi‘ , who herself is an example of struggle and success of transgenders. An eminent personality who has been a part of International and National Conferences, talked about Bihar and this cultural event;

“Bihar is one such state where the government itself has taken a step to organise such cultural programme for this community. A person who has done this has to be an extra ordinary to take this strong decision. This platform is bringing us together with men and women and letting them know that we are not meant just for greeting ceremonies, we have talents within us. The next step would highly be great if the basic needs be fulfilled and policies be amended for the transgender community in the coming time”.

She informed about the book ‘ Kinner Mahapurana’ to be launched for breaking the myths of society about transgenders.

From 7pm to 10:30 pm , the stage of Ravindra Bhawan sparkled with astonishing portrayals by Rudra Palas ( WB), Oasis( Kerala), Radha Krishna( Delhi) , Sanamacha (Manipur) and the showstopper feat by the natives of Bihar – Trans Dancing Troop.

From the local audience panel, Kajal spoke about the Transgender Cultural Festival, “I wanted to visualize this event to know these people in my way, not the way I have heard since childhood. It’s really surprising that we have such epic talents here, but we diminish them. I wish Bihar brings more such plans for upgrading the transgender lifestyle”.

Monika Das, the first Transgender Banker of India , on being asked about her success story and her participation in the programme, she said,  ” My journey as a Banker started from Bihar, I belong to this place ,completed my graduation from Patna University and have been working in Syndicate Bank for 3 years.
This evening made us meet new faces and know new people that is the reason I want to be a part of it every coming year”.

The hall was  filled with an excited audience and beautifully furnished participants. The one by one presentation of various dance troops filled the hall with the sounds of thunderous claps and hooting from all corners.
It is said , ‘Art is a creation by God within human beings’ and so ,these artists are also the wonderful creations of God, the evening witnessed the same.

“They have reached and qualified to high levels yet we are still unaware of the progress, we are much in need to get more and more exposure for the community and accept them in our society.”, said RJ Shruti about the show, the Voice of Bihar. She further added, ” I am here because I feel a connection with them, working and knowing them since 2014 , I never felt any difference between us and people who are the star of the evening. They are the diamonds, Bihar government has brushed out the dust to enhance their potentials and make them shine brighter”.

Arpita, Shivani and Priya , the transgender Students of Patna Women’s College were overjoyed and encouraged the performers from Dostana Safar, Bihar.With this, Bihar has become a proud land to commemorate this event successfully in this second year too.Also bidding along, Bihar manifests numerous such occasions for the community to be acceptable in the normal society.

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