Bihar Police shocked the London Metropolitan Police with their remarkable performance

DGP of Bihar Police attained London based Security and Policing 2020 Summit. The Security & Policing summit is the official Government global security event, offering a world-class opportunity to meet, network and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with UK suppliers, colleagues, and Government officials. It is three days summit held on 3rd, 4th and 5th march 2020. The summit was attained by 45 countries.

The most exceptional thing from Bihar was the 35% reservation for women in Bihar Police. All the other countries were in shock after knowing the number of women recruited in India specifically in Bihar because of the highest number of women as compared to all others. In 2013, Bihar Government initiated the 35% reservation for women in police in the state, from the rank of constable to Deputy Superintendent of police. People present in the summit can’t believe this peculiar initiative and the fact that Bihar police had achieved it successfully. They heartily appreciated this initiative towards a step for women empowerment.

For the last 15 years, the change made in Bihar Police was remarkable. Other than DGP of Bihar Police, Kerala Director-General also took part in the summit from India.

At the conference, the London Metropolitan Police showcase their control room and the method of working. At present, the organization and the availability of weapons in Bihar police are not less than London Metropolitan Police comparatively. Latest revolver, Mp 5 gun, INSAS rifle, and AK 47 alert rifle are also available in Bihar police. Crime control and order of law can be achieved with complete freedom and less interference will lead to good results.

Police should have to become absolute in all ways.

Summit presented new technologies and strategies for the upcoming future. Also, production companies and experts practically comprehensively describe the new techniques to all delegates present.

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The relationship between the common man and police is based on an interdependent relationship of belief. Citizens should have a belief in the police that they would protect them. To abolish crime in society the police should be in a positive state, they should try to handle the situation in a more peaceful manner with patience but should be strict towards the law and order. In this respect all the citizens should also respect the police.

Bihar made a remarkable impression in the Security & Policing summit 2020 with a dignified presentation of Bihar Police.

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