Bihar police HQ to shift to hi-tech premises

Patna is all set to get a new landmark with the upcoming Bihar Police Bhawan, a state-of-the-art structure on six acres of land off Bailey Road, likely to be readied by May-end. Being built at an estimated cost of Rs 335 crore by the state building construction department (BCD), it will house offices of all the wings of the state police under one roof.
Touted as one of the most advanced quake-resistant buildings, it is the country’s fifth building to use ‘base isolation technology’. “Two such buildings are in Bhuj, while the two others are in Delhi,” claimed a senior BCD engineer on Thursday.

According to him, a fixed-base building is built directly on the ground and, as such, moves at the time of an earthquake. In base isolation technology, however, the building remains isolated from the ground as it rests on flexible bearings. Such buildings move only a little or not at all during an earthquake.

Sources said altogether 308 lead rubber bearings (LRB) were imported from the USA for use in the building. “The LRBs are fixed in the columns between the base and the main structure,” the engineer said, adding the architecture was vetted by IIT-Delhi experts before the commencement of the construction work.

“We had planned to hand over the building to the state police HQ by April, but we will take a month or two more to give finishing touches,” the engineer said.

According to the BCD website, the construction work began on September 29, 2014 and the project was to be completed in 24 months.

The HQ campus in the building comprises a six-floor structure divided into five wings in addition to a basement and parking lot. Apart from the main building, a dormitory with parking lot and four floors with two flats on each floor, a transit building with similar dormitory and another building with an auditorium, convention hall and badminton court are also there on the premises.
“The main building will have a parking lot for 300 four-wheelers. The drainage system of the campus is not connected to any outside source due to security reasons and the campus itself has a water and sewerage treatment plant. It also has two underground water tank of 3.5 lakh litre each for fire-fighting exigencies,” the engineer said.
The new police HQ also has a helipad at its rooftop. “The helipad was created at CM Nitish Kumar’s behest,” a senior police officer said and added the CM wanted the premises to be well-equipped to play a crucial role in any crisis situation.
Source: Debashish Karmakar| TNN