Bihar Man Uses Instagram to Make Organic Farming Easy for All

Bihar Man Uses Instagram to Make Organic Farming Easy for All

After completion of masters in Agricultural Engineering from The India Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), unlike any other conventional student Satyam Jha instead of taking a job he turned his career path into organic farming with Instagram to reach people. He started from posting DIY videos of gardening from home in his Instagram account @iamsatyamjha. Now, in his videos he shows methods to make homemade compost for plants, he explains ways to use the old plastic bottles, boxes, etc. for growing air purifying plants. With his videos he educates his 2.5 lacs followers about simple methods of gardening from home.

He owns a farming consultancy company called Sprouted Jungle in which he explains how to do organic farming for people who wants eat organic. He says that if we educate young people now, they will grow up to teach an entire upcoming generation to grow healthy food which is why he made organic farming his life’s mission — educate laymen about the benefits of organic farming, sustainable living and environment conservation,” says Satyam.

He is from Dharbhanga a district in Bihar, he comes from a family of farmers. Which is also the reason for his interest in farming as he grew watching his grandfather working hard in the field. He also says that he saw people dying from chemical infused vegetables as unlike today our forefather used sustainable methods to do farming such a manure dung.

In order to educate the youth, he conducts classes both online and offline, conducts seminar for students and visits fields with them. In collages and institute, he often gives lectures to the students. Till dates he says that he reached more than 500 students. He believes in the idea of growing healthy and eating healthy.

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