Bihar launches Android based app to monitor health services in government hospitals

State health minister Mangal Pandey on Saturday launched ‘Swasthya Seva Darpan’ — an Android-based mobile app for real-time online monitoring of health services in government hospitals and health centres of the state.

“The app will ensure that patients get proper treatment at district hospitals, primary health centres, additional health centres and sub-health centres. It will provide information regarding the initiatives of the health department, medical facilities, treatments, location of hospitals and available drugs,” the health minister said.

‘Swasthya Seva Darpan’ will also help the health department know about the challenges faced by hospital staff, doctors, nurses, health managers and district officials and come up with solutions. Pandey said, “The app, developed by CARE India — a non-governmental organization, will help track of different health activities.

The department will monitor the situation from time to time.” According to health department sources, there are 36 district hospitals, 534 primary health centres, 111 additional health centres and 9,800 sub-health centres in the state.

Source: TNN