Bihar homemaker Rekha Kumari turned entrepreneur with a successful mushroom biz

Bihar homemaker Rekha Kumari turned entrepreneur with a successful mushroom biz

Earning in today’s times is not just limited to men and conventional professions like doctors and engineers. We now also have women who are excelling when it comes to earning from engaging themselves in businesses. By not just limiting themselves to being mare housewives, women are now coming forward and creating their own identities.

Rekha Kumari, a graduate in economics, who hails from Hathua, Bihar has set an indelible example for other women. She is an entrepreneur who sells mushrooms, biscuits, pickles, laddoos including many other items and makes lakhs from her setup.

This woman from Bihar has contributed her best in breaking the stereotype that “women can

only have perfection in looking after their children and other domestic chores”. After her children left home for further studies, she decided to use her time productively and start something new.  Starting with just 1000 rupees, she now earns 3 to 4 lakhs a year. Apart from earning, she is also imparting knowledge about mushroom farming through her free online classes to people of different states like Madhya Pradesh, Kashmir, Andaman and others. She also conducts paid online classes monthly at her home.

Initially, it wasn’t easy for her to make a profit, but by not giving up and after training herself, she is now a successful woman entrepreneur from Bihar. The products she makes are sold through her centre and local shops which is also giving employment opportunities to others. She started the venture in just one room of her house and today it is spread to over six rooms. She is definitely taking Bihar to new heights.

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