Terrace Gardening

Bihar government to promote terrace gardening in 5 smart cities

Bihar government is working for the Smart City development in the State. In the process, the five smart cities of the state are about to get subsidy for terrace gardening at their house rooftops. The Agriculture department of Bihar has planned this idea to promote terrace gardening for the improvement of climatic conditions in the state.

“The agriculture department will give 50% subsidy on the cost of required inputs for its practice in the 300 square feet area to the interested people. The gardening and horticultural activities on the rooftops will help in improving the environmental conditions and restoring the climatic imbalance to an extent”, says State Agriculture Minister, Prem Kumar.


Terrace Gardening

The cities of the state under this category are Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Bhagalpur and BiharSharif which has been recommended by the state government. The proposed idea says that 50% subsidy with a maximum cap of 25,000 would be given to the interested people to meet the basic cost of installing the terrace farm of 300 sq feet. This area would constitute the single unit and the cost would be given to one person as the owner of the particular rooftop. Though the person can practice terrace gardening for more than one unit and the cost will be added per unit.

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Terrace Farming
The interested heads would have the option to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. The subsidy would be given to meet the cost of basic inputs like fertilizers, plants, seeds, pots, containers, trays and other tools. There are certain terms and conditions attached to this subsidy; the rates of the inputs should not exceed the rates decided by the agriculture department.

This would be a great step to improve the environmental conditions and bring some relief to the hot climate. PatnaBeats is looking forward to this gardening method and we hope many of us will step ahead to practice terrace gardening at our rooftops.

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