Bihar Government set to turn glass liquor bottles into glass bangles

Bihar Government set to turn glass liquor bottles into glass bangles

Complete liquor and drug prohibition was imposed in the state by the Bihar Government on 5th April 2016. This initiative was taken by Chief Minister of Bihar  Nitish Kumar as a promise to women abused by spousal violence or violence caused by any man after the consumption of alcohol.

Recently, under Rural Livelihoods Promotion Programme also known as JEEVIKA, The Bihar Government has clinched on making Bangles from glass liquor bottles seized in liquor raids. Earlier, lacs of bottles seized every month were crushed by the JCB but now factories would be set up to provide a livelihood to women.

In a report of NFHS-5, 84% of women face violence by their husbands often in their drunken state.

Bihar Excise Commissioner B. Kartikey Dhanji said “Seized illegal liquor bottles during raids were earlier crushed and treated as garbage but now we’ll give these bottles to JEEVIKA workers who were trained in making glass bangles. The State Excise and Prohibition department has allocated 1 crore to set up a glass-making factory in Patna and send JEEVIKA women for training in bangle-making to other States”.

In addition, Mr Dhanji said, JEEVIKA is a rural social and economic empowerment programme that comes under Bihar’s Rural Development Department, and  “Later, if the plan succeeds, we’ll consider increasing the number of such glass bangle-making factories in the other parts of the State as well”.

The excise department officials and the police have manoeuvred the choppers, drones and ALTFs to detect the proscribed liquor factories, traders and suppliers.

In August 2022, More than one lac raids were conducted by the district police personnel and The Excise Department, and during the raid, 3.7 litres of alcohol were seized from illegal traders and manufacturers.

“Will the seized illegal liquor bottles be enough to sustain a glass bangle-making factory’s economic viability and will the government also provide soda and limestone to those involved in this bangle production business”

Alok Gupta. Patna businessman

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