Bihar gets a new technology to regenerate banana farming

Bihar is known for its rich agriculture. The land of Bihar contributes a lot in country’s total GDP but the decrease in production of crops has been matter of stress in recent years. The same has been the case with the premature wilting of the standing plants from the last three years. But we have come with good news for the farmers of the five districts of the state who are engaged in banana farming.

To overcome the loss, new technology has come to the state which has been made possible by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research scientists, who have found a new bio formulation for saving this important cash crop. The name of this innovative technology is ICAR-FUSICONT, which is a bio formulation designed for controlling the devastating disease.

Due to ‘Panama Wilting’ disease, which affects the standing banana plants, many farmers of Bhagalpur then shifted to other cash crops. The districts included Katihar, Purnia, Bhagalpur, Vaishali and Naugachhia police district area in Bhagalpur. The farmers here switched to cultivating maize.

Two scientists who made this breakthrough are Dr S Rajan, Director of Central Institute of Sub-tropical Horticulture and Dr T Damodaran, Principal scientist of Central Soil Salinity Research Institute at ICAR, Lucknow. They jointly made this new technology possible and brought this to Bihar which is showing a ray of hope to the farmers.

It was reported earlier that there were more than 50% of crop loss due to Panama Wilt disease despite all the efforts made by farmers which compelled them to switch over alternative crop as input cost gets too high to bear. The disease spread in 2016, to overcome the loss the farmers practiced every available option of fungicide and bio products available in the market and tried their best to overcome the disease. But the efforts were in vain, the yield results ended up in crop loss of more than 50%.


The new Bio formulation named ICAR- FUSICONT was tested in Katihar district on over 60 acres of banana field by more than 30 farmers.

The formulation was made available to the farmers of Katihar district from Lucknow through public transport services and farmers were monitored and guided properly. Farmers felt benefit accruing from it after 9 months of its adoption. Farmers of Dighri, Batwara and Kursela are overwhelmed from the response of formulation after the adoption of new technology. Farmers are now demanding the material in huge quantity for complete registration of the banana cultivation.

The arrival of this new technology in these five districts of Bihar could bring good growth in the G-9 variety of bananas and can make the lives of farmer easy to yield good number of bananas every year.

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