Big LED Screens to be installed in Patna Junction

The renovation of Patna Junction has grabbed the attention of the citizens as well as the visitors. People are loving the lightings and various images on the false walls of the station’s outer wall. Apart from the beautification of the station, the government is looking forward to setting up big screens which will highlight the update of trains and local news channels. The LED screens on Patna junction will be 44 feet wide and 12 feet high. On Patliputra junction the size of LED screens will be 20/10 feet, on Rajendra Nagar, Danapur, Arah and Buxar station the screen size will be 22/12 feet. Half of the screen will show the data related to arrival, departure and timing of the trains and rest half will show a local news channel. These big-sized screens will be more beneficial to people with weak eyesight and also the well-organised information will be clear to understand. Moreover, the news channels will keep the public updated with the current news.

The new project will pick the pace from Patna junction, Rajendra Nagar terminal, Patliputra station, Danapur, Arah, and Buxar station. The tender will be issued for the project and it will out for the applicant on 19th August.
The company which will get the tender is supposed to work according to the parameters of the Railway Department. It is being expected that the project will start before Durga Puja.

“Zee News Bihar-Jharkhand, News 18 Bihar-Jharkhand, and Kashish News are some of the local news channels which are interested in this Project but as per the guidelines only one of them will get the chance to get the slots on the screens.”, said the senior DCM of Danapur, Mr Aadhar Raj. It will be the responsibility of the news company to install as well as maintain the LED screens.

According to the officials of Danapur, whichever news channel will get this opportunity , will get more than 5 lakh viewers in a day. This initiative by the government is important for the betterment of the station as well as the public.

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