Bhavani Kumar Pandey

Bhavani Kumar Pandey | The Bihari Babu who mesmerized everyone with his magical voice

Bhavani Kumar Pandey, the boy from Jamui district of Bihar is soaring high in the sky these days with his heart-winning performances on the sets of the musical talent show ‘Dil hai Hindustani’. With his performance of the song ‘Nain lad jaihen’, he infused in everyone the Bihari fiesta. Though he does not belong to a musical background, he always sang bhajans and kirtans with his grandparents.
Bhavani Kumar Pandey completed his graduation from ‘KKM College’, Jamui. He participated in a number of singing competitions, winning most of them. Impressed by his singing, his grandfather decided to make him persue singing under the tutelage of Shri Bajranglal Gupta and his son Shri Chandan Kumar Gupta. They played a vital role in carving and sculpting his talent to make him an accomplished singer. In order to hone his skills further, he went to Kolkata and started learning under Pandit Desapriya Basu and Guruma Hena Basu and is still learning from them.
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“A lot of people have contributed in making this musical journey of mine, a success. My friends, singer Basant ji, renowned tabla-player Guru Aman Kumar Mishra and my teachers and elders encouraged me at all stages and showered their blessings on me”, says Bhavani Kumar.
Everyone wants to persue their dreams but Bhavani decided to help the underprivileged children in realising their dreams. Alongwith his two friends, Amaresh Mishra and Rajesh Singh, he started an organisation named ‘Janakanksha Pratisthan’ for children who are brimming with talent but do not have enough resources for persuing their dreams. This organisation also runs a program ‘Flying Feet Art Academy’ where free cultural training is given to such children. This organisation has a branch in Delhi also where it is headed by Rajesh Singh.
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The versatile singer loves singing Bollywood as well as Sufi songs. On a platform where he could have sung any other song to lure the viewers, he chose to sing a song that has a regional touch to it because he believes that representing his roots on national television would give him inner satisfaction. Folk and regional songs have been losing their touch over the ages due to the changing tastes of the audience but through his performance, he proved that folk songs are indeed very melodious and rekindled the fading glory of folk singing.


“I am a singer and it is my responsibility to promote my cultural heritage and take it to another level. I believe that our Bhojpuri culture is very enriching and beautiful but due to certain wrong portrayals of our culture, people have developed a negative perspective regarding it. I think that not only as a singer but as a person also, it would be my privilege to take every possible step for glorifying the status of my state. Jai Bihar”, said the enthusiastic Bhavani Kumar Pandey who would like to establish Bhojpuri as a language that is incorporated in Bollywood just like other regional languages.
His message to all the Biharis is that they should never let go of their roots in this race of advancement. Sticking to one’s roots and culture is what gives an individual their identity. Bihar is heart of India when it comes to cultures and traditions and so, every Bihari should be proud of it.

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