Bhagalpuri Chadar : Gift Your Grandparents the comfort they deserve

Bhagalpuri Chadar : Gift Your Grandparents the comfort they deserve

In the period of heavy machines, artificial products and duplicate materials, let me reintroduce you to the rich and conventional handloom sector of Bhagalpur, Bihar. This historically famous city is worldwide renowned for sericulture as well as traditional loom weaving. However, Bhagalpur is called a silk city, it is similarly famous for the cultivation of fine cotton.  The entire race of Bhagalpuri weavers have been producing silk and weaving fine products for generations. Now can you imagine what kind of masterpiece you can get if these super fine products are blended purely and weaved in traditional methods? I am pretty sure, you must have imagined something very fine, very soft and very traditional. I must salute your imagination, you are right! A very fine example of such a product is BHAGALPURI CHADAR. Another name used for it, is Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar, manufactured using the finest quality fabrics and crafted by the expert artisans of Bhagalpur.

The 100% organic staple yarn ( mixture of cotton and silk) is expertly tailored for the super-soft-touch for our sensitive skin which deserves the best quality products. Bhagalpuri chadar has a silky-soft touch and is the most comfortable. It can surely amaze you with its soft texture and its elegant look. The organic feel of the Chadar reflects a vibrant feel. Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar can be worn while sleeping or can be spread underneath, to cover the beds. This Chadar can be used throughout all seasons as this feels light and convenient to use and feels warm in winter, and cool in warm and humid weather. This product is so soft and natural that it can be used even for a baby. It is easy to wash, comfortable in use and long-lasting. For a few years, this chadar is demanded in large numbers from Arab countries. People of Iran use it in the form of Safa, i.e. turban.

The quality of this Chadar Softens after each wash. It can be both, hand washed or machine washed. Because of its original and natural light colours, it can be stained easily, so it is instructed to wash it separately in machines ( can be washed with light colour fabrics too).


Bhagalpuri Chadar which comes in a single colour ( mainly yellow, red, pink, blue) are called Plain Colour Chadar.

Bhagalpuri Chadar, which is built with a combination of two colour yarn, in the weaving process, two or three colour yarn is used to create a striped design. Patta Chadar comes in Red Patta, Pink Patta, Green Patta, Blue Patta, Red Green Blue Patta etc, are called Bhagalpuri Patta Chadar. Bhagalpuri Chadar which is made with twisting and weaving of two yarns called Double Yarn Chadar that is often made in natural yellow colour and the size is usually longer than usual.

Hence, you can use Bhagalpuri chadar in different ways, for different reasons, in different seasons and different regions. You can also use this all-purpose, all-season wearing Chadar to gift it to your loved and dear ones on different occasions or without any reason, just to express your love. Buy traditional products, promote your handloom industry, and support Indian weavers who make product not only with their hands but also with their heart and soul.

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