Patna got its first Waffle store and everybody is loving it.

The scorching heat these days makes me not want to step outside even for a minute but when I got to know that there’s finally a waffle store in Patna and that too Belgian waffle, I couldn’t stop myself. The ever expanding food platter of Patna had yet another delicacy added to it last weekend when The Belgian Waffles Co. opened its store here. With the first bite into this crispy dessert the heavenly pleasure I got made it worth stepping out in this summer afternoon.

The Belgian Waffles’ joint occupies a cute lovely looking space at Shop No. 21, Jagdish Lok, West Boring Canal Road. This easily accessible place has an yellow themed interior based on the colour of the franchise which gives a warm welcoming vibe to the whole place.
The owners of this joint made sure that they cater to everyone’s preferences thus they have not used eggs in the recipe, making it fully vegetarian. So if you are a vegetarian you won’t have to bother about a thing. Belgian Waffles Patna prides itself on providing a continuously innovating yet consistent top quality product with a warm and dependable brand identity. The menu is short and sweet with comprehensive list of new things to try on a budget. Dominated by outstanding waffles, the menu consists a range of reasonably priced surprises to opt for. Besides these, you can also try mini pancakes as a token of treat. For sides, there are several options in shakes and beverages which can be always be made a combo.

While their Coffee Waffle makes up for a perfect breakfast menu, you can even tempt yourself for the cream cheese waffles coming in two different flavours – Blueberry and Strawberry. A crispy waffle topped with chocolaty Nutella can also be worth a shot. Red Velvet waffles can be your new favourite with its creamy filling and wonderful taste. If you’re a lover of decadent desserts, try out the Dark and White fantasy. A bite of the hefty Triple Chocolate waffle can make your day. From Charcoal Smoked to glazing Honey Butter, you are literally spoilt for the choice on the menu. Located in the heart of boring road, the rows of tempting waffles provide you with a perfect ‘pick me up’ after a hard day of shopping or a sweet ending after a meal.

When it comes to the toppings, make it extra fun by challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone a bit and add on some chocolate sprinkles or roast almonds, even crushed Oreos and a lot more.

Here’s a perfect haven for waffle lovers. The sweetest weekend resort for a sinful indulgence in a sweet deal.

The Belgian Waffles Co., Patma, Bihar, Belgian Waffles Patna,

Photographer: Yuuvraj (PHOTO WALE)

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