Beatskart - A Cart full of Bihari Pride

Beatskart – A Cart full of Bihari Pride

‘Bihari’ is not just a word but an assemblage of different meanings in itself. While some like to refer to it as an insult, an online shopping website named ‘Beatskart’ has a different point of view. After having to go through numerous taunts, jokes, and insults on the Bihari identity, the trio, Alok Singh, Rahul Samrat, and Prakhyat Kashyap have come up with their platform to showcase the Bihariness. This Bihariness is to be taken not as an insult, but as something which emanates a lot of swaggers. Yes, that is the word because when you will look at the confident teenagers studying in big metro cities of India wearing a t-shirt which says ‘That is how a Bihari Looks Like’ with a wide smile on their faces, you will know their work and what they stand for.

As it shows, the focus of this website is more on identity. Beatskart proudly declares itself as an i-commerce website and not as an e-commerce website.  

Bihar and its people have been and are constantly subjected to various stereotypes that tarnish the image of the state in front of the whole world. These stereotypes plant the seeds of condescension in other people’s minds. People of Bihar have to leave their homes in search of better opportunities owing to the lack of resources in the state. Addressing these difficulties, this online marketplace has come into being.

Stemming from the brilliance of the owners namely, Alok Kumar, Rahul Samrat, and Prakhyat Kashyap, Beatskart aims to promote anything and everything that embodies Bihar. This online website brings to you the culture, tradition, and mostly that local Bihari feels which you cannot find anywhere else. 

With products of top-notch quality in different categories like merchandise, clothing, sweets, food, and handicraft, this online shopping network prides itself on being India’s first “identity-commerce” (i-commerce) website. A website whose soul lies in its vision of reviving the lost glory of the cultural heritage of Bihar.

Name anything that you can relate with Bihar, be it the famous Bhagalpuri Chadar, the beautiful Madhubani Stole, and even a common Bihari Gamcha which is adorned by our very own superstar Pankaj Tripathi on his Facebook photos; Beatskart have it all. From Dupattas to handbags, this i-commerce website has a wide range of products with which you can flaunt your Bihariness in front of the whole world. If you are an NRI sitting in New York or a college-goer in New Delhi, Beatskart has in store something or the other for all types of audience.   

In the age of the digital, shopping preferences have shifted from offline to online platforms. And with the coronavirus pandemic that struck in the first quarter of 2020, online shopping has gained enough momentum.  Beatskart, being the i-commerce website that it is, makes sure that those who live far away from home will get to feel at home with the different array of products that carry the essence of Bihar. 

From traditional clothing items to rich handicrafts, Beatskart’s elements will weave a tapestry of love and belongingness in your home and life.

The huge collection of hoodies and t-shirts with prints that manifest the Bihari pride, allows one to break the stereotype and literally wear their Bihari identity with pride. 

Other than that, food items which are cherished in every other Bihari household like Sattu, Thekua, Makhana, Silao Ka Khaja are also available at Beatskart.

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