Are You Scared of Exams? Beat the exam stress with these 6 steps

Imbesat Ahmed, IITian and Founder of RISE institute writes specially to children appearing for Board exams this season.

Dear Student,

We hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. Over the past few months, you have put in a lot of hard work in pursuit of your goal of succeeding in your Boards and Entrance examination and we are sure that your efforts will bear fruit. In order to help you plan out your final preparation, a few salient points are being enumerated for your guidance.

1. Study Time:

Regulate your body so that your body and mind performs at its peak at the time of Entrance Exam. Try and get a good night's sleep, avoid resting/sleeping during the period when Entrance exam would be in progress.

2. Study Plan:

Prepare a study plan, which is achievable, and follow it as strictly as possible. Concentrate on topics, which are your strengths rather than starting on a topic, which has not been revised so far. Make sure that you are not leaving out easier topics.

3. Course Strategy:

Your Board exams would be going on simultaneously. Try to solve entrance exam based questions during the breaks you would have in between different papers. Don’t just lose track for a month because of Boards. Include topics in your study plan which are relevant to more than one subject and from where questions are frequently asked.

4. Examination Strategy:

The pattern of question paper for Entrance Exam 2017 would be more or less same as that of the previous year. The point to remember is, that whatever may be the pattern of the paper, the key to success remains in the age old maxim of accuracy and speed and this can be achieved only by planning out a proper strategy towards attempting the paper. Even if you feel that paper is difficult this time, remember that it is going to be difficult for all other students too & whom so ever does best in such a circumstance would emerge as a winner.

5. Night before the Examination:

We advise that you go to bed early and have a good night’s rest so that you can wake up fresh on the day of the examination.

6. Day of the Examination:

(a) Reach your centre 1 hour before start of the examination.

(b) Do not indulge in last minute revision or get into discussions with your friends.

(c) Remember to carry your Hall Ticket, Pens, Pencils, Rubber, Sharpner, etc.

(d) In the examination hall do not try and identify other students; in most cases they would be unknown faces and it would tend to put you off.

(e) Read all instructions carefully.

(f) Attempt your question paper according to plan.

(g) Do not panic. Remember if you are finding the paper difficult, others would be finding it difficult too.

(h) Don’t go for the test on an empty stomach. A few other points which you may like to keep in mind

(i) In case you are not familiar with your examination centre, locate it and visit it once at least two days before the examination.

(j) Make all efforts to keep yourself physically fit. Avoid exposing yourself to heat and dust.

(k) Avoid eating heavy greasy food as they tend to make you feel drowsy and may also cause ailments.

(l) Avoid heavy exercises or any other form of activity, which could result in an injury. A walk or short jog in the morning followed by deep breathing exercise should look after your physical needs adequately. Remember you can do it. You have the potential to make it and we are sure you will. “When a small kite can fly against the wind and not with the wind, you have a strong mind to help you sail even in troubled waters.”

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